2017 Anzac Day Guernsey


Still can't get my head around 'historic' jumpers that get rid of the single constant piece of our history, but whatever.


But they were as equally fragile and sensitive.


Bro, way to soon!


I see what you did there :slight_smile:


Oh well. Another thing for Blitz to whine about for a week or two.


Il bite. What am I missing. What the actual fk?


Where are the scarfs?
Mrs Wim would pay stupid money for one and she doesn't even support Essendon.
I really feel like Essendon misses a trick with their womens apparel.
Their colours are black and red.
Practically the city of Melbourne's winter uniform.
And the classiest thing we have in the Bomber Shop for women is a friggin' hoodie.


To be fair I wouldn't call any of the mens gear classy either. Footy apparel and classy just don't go together.


EFC ties are pretty classy


They really are.


Ching Ching $$$


Club being quick to try and distract from its abysmal performance on the weekend.


Don't agree with that at all. You can get a REALLY nice EFC leather jacket... for $500...


Yeah there is lots of nice stuff. I've probably spent over $1000 at the Bomber shop myself over the past 2 years. But I wouldn't describe myself as looking 'classy' when I wear it*. I look like a footy tragic.

*To be honest I still wouldn't look classy even if I was wearing an tailor fitted Armani suit straight off the ironing press. Within 2 minutes it would look like a short stocky guy in a creased hessian sack with a grease stain down the front.


I was being tongue in cheek. I definitely agree with you. Lot of tacky stuff in the BomberShop. I do think that they have some really nice pieces to be honest but that'd comprise 5% of the store and there's a lot of junk which caters to the great masses who want an EFC branded pool cue...


And here I was thinking we'd seen the last of you, Ray Horsburgh...


All these designs keep on getting worse by the year.


Not too rapt in the current EFC stock, to be honest. The shop looks like it's turning into a scaled-down version of most clothing department stores - 75% kids/female, 15% male adult, 10% random useless stuff.


I don't understand why we have to have a new ANZAC Day design every year.

Please can we just get a design that's good and just wear it each year.



Red sash on black will do just nicely.