2017 Anzac Day Guernsey


It's all about making money as people would just use the old tops from previous years. Don't mind subtle changes but these massive in your face ones are just over the top.


Yep, true

For me, would have liked us to have stuck with the design we last won in. I don't even remember what it was, but we should of stuck with it. :slight_smile:


Yeah but they can't get that right.
Droop vs straight, thickness vs thinness, red vs maroon, from the shoulder to the under the arm vs half off the shoulder to the bottom cnr of the guernsey?
Wait until indigenous round whereby someone of somebody's next door neighbors grandma will come up with another crap design. We stopped making good stuff since NUBRICK days.





From memeory, the last time we won the ANZACs hadn't been formed.


I think that 100 year old bloke who still works at the club might've been born when we last won on Anzac Day.


I cannot handle another Anzac Day loss. I worry how il react if we get done by the pies again


Anzac Day needs a jumper with Zaharakis's face embedded into the Sash.


My fully sick Addidas EFC jumper is not tacky, re.


Sold out of Mediums already. That made a decision easy.


Probably the same way you reacted the last ten times we lost.


Sounds like you need to learn how to eat your Fairybread without dropping it down your front!

Bring back the duffel coats with the sewn on patches and players names, I say.

And please, win on ANZAC day, please.


What??? They sold out of mediums????
Bloody hell. Looks like I'll just have to get an XL then, damn it!


Yeah, bloody hell!

Now what am I meants to sew three of together?


Reckon the best way to pay tribute to those former Essendon players who have served is to beat fark out of Collingwood.


Football gear is so ■■■■■■■ tacky.

They need to produce just a nice warm brown/grey/navy winter jacket, perhaps with an understated EFC monogram on the breast. That would be good. The current offering is trash city.


Can you change it to black, please?


A nice navy reefer jacket maybe?


Where are they gonna fit the 6x12 "KIA" logo then?