2017 Anzac Day Guernsey


I could wear a puffer jacket underneath. Lol


On the isc, their sizing is about 3 times smaller than the adidas stuff easily


They've done that in the past. Can't find a picture of it, but it looked quite good. Obviously didn't sell well.

Also why I like the old logo cap. Just a black cap with a red logo. No bullshit.


Sounds good.

I think it's bizarre AFL tops are so baggy, surely having them tighter would make it harder to be tackled. Rugby jerseys sometimes look painted on.



We are talking about the jumpers available to the public right?

Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but I don't recall seeing our players at least, in anything but close fitting , . - actually, you can't really say "Jumpers" anymore, .. it's a complete misnomer, "Tops" would be more correct.


Your Adidas stuff has stretched, innit?


I'm just a fat cvnt