2017 Candidate Q and A


Paul: Thanks your prompt response. I take it that the Board has not addressed the EFC interests in the inquiry under way.


This doesn’t feel like a candidate Q&A question sorry bigallan, if you’d like to address the board on an area of business that only a spokesperson would address I’d recommend the Members Forum tonight, certainly I won’t speak to board business that wouldn’t have been discussed publicly in here on any topic sorry.


Paul: Thanks. This is not questioning your candidature but does go to governance. Our 2012 problems in part related to the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing.
I am not suggesting that every operational matter should go to the Board for approval, but when the Board is not aware of the changes in AFL support rights to GF tickets or what might be EFC policy to a major sports inquiry, I think there is a problem. And I did not ask for the EFC position on Hunt’s proposals.


In the US, NBA League Pass is blacked out when cable have games anyway, right? So we’d be no better off if the AFL create a similar arrangement.


This information should be kept private. Personal relationships should not be made public and I find this a breach


You’ve got a conveniently poor memory PC!
Just have a think about that conversation and what you committed to do following it.
Big fail!


I think you’ll find the women Catherine mentioned all have public social media accounts, Abby has over 100k followers on instagram, for example. They often appear in posts together, mentioning their close relationships frequently. They were all photographed together at the recent Long Walk function, by the event photographer, which was posted on the EFC social pages and also their individual accounts. Not sure where this breach of privacy has occurred?




I don’t think you understand, PC and KL stop AD from doing his job by hiring inept coaches.


No-one’s business who she is friends with. There needs to be some professionalism especially from a Board member


The professionalism came in the fact that it was basically a non answer to a direct question.

If they didn’t want every man and his dog knowing who their friends were, their social media accounts would be private.

Catherine didn’t say anything that wasn’t common knowledge.


Hi Paul and Katie,

Well done on responding to the armchair critics!

You’ve both outlined your expertise in what you bring to the board in a business sense. I really like the idea of our board having somebody who represents the members first and foremost as a supporter rather than having business expertise - not that they need to be mutually exclusive.

Firstly, do you see yourselves as being primarily a supporter or an SME in your respective areas in what you contrinute to the board?

Can I also ask, what are your thoughts on how the club can provide a better ‘service’ for members?

Also, just to lighten the somewhat downcast mood on here who was the better player, michael werner or bradley plain. Please provide an explanation :grinning:


The expression you’re looking for is “speak about” @Paul_Cousins. Always has been, always will be.
We’ll have none of that Gill-style, [email protected] talk here thankyouverymuch… :grinning:


Is there a full moon tonight?


Hey Leon.

Not sure you can’t be both, if I’m honest. I work in a mid/senior level role but I believe I’m an ordinary member, just like everyone else. I’m a silver reserved seat member. I get excitement when we draft new kids. I love talking footy and I want the cheersquad to really blow the roof off a stadium (or create a roof of noise, depending on the stadium, maybe?)

I actually love talking footy. It’s one of my favourite things to do. But I also know a fair bit about digital media, tech and comms. I also happen to be extremely passionate about society and community impact. That is the area I want to primarily drive within the club on behalf of members.

At 34 years old, I love that I can bridge the gap between members and the board. And I love that interstate and country members feel comfortable enough to talk to me about their grievances or give feedback on the club.

Also, at 34 years old, I’m going to have to go google your last question…


Hi Cgates.

I know Tegan a little. I’ve met Haylea once or twice and I’ve never met Jake Stringers ex-partner. I know she was a guest at the Long Walk Luncheon because I saw the EFC media team take the girls’ photo together at the media wall while I watched and subsequent posts on our social media platforms. I know they are all friends because they post to each other on their Instagram accounts which I follow.

I’m not letting any secrets out, nor am I being unprofessional. This information is available for all the world to see.


Catherine: I know your commitment to indigenous pathways and to the Tiwi Bombers. Would it be possible to help them get up a decent website and pics of the players? About the only reports ( apart from EFC) I get to see are negative.


I hope so. My understanding is that the club’s involvement with the Tiwi Bombers is becoming stronger, but I also personally believe we don’t want to walk in and own the place. Have to find a balance of where we can guide and help, and where we can execute. I’ll ask the question though.


Agree, it’s not just about me accessing the website. But if it could serve to feature a few hometown heros and role models in their own community , that might be a plus. As it is, it reaches out to nobody.


Absolutely agree. Have to drive role models in the community and they have to stay there (or go back there).

We bought two Tiwi coaches to the club to shadow woosh and his team this season, and will do it again next season I’m sure. They go back and take learnings. Perhaps we can do the same with some people interested in media… certainly worth looking into.