2017 Candidate Q and A


Tap into AfL ready traineeships? it is not about the lure of becoming AFL stars.


What are you doing to address the lack of 5mith by the marketing department?


I’m still working on the ‘Stringer in a Kia Stinger’ campaign. I’ll get on to that next.


5mith will join the greatest hits like:

Whatever it takes




That’s really exploiting your position.


When are the results announced?


I think voting closes 11 December


Cheers Darli.

Well good luck to you all. And when I say all, I really mean Katie and Paul. :wink:


Thanks Klawdy!


This equation ignores the production costs of putting games to air.


Yeah, imagine actually beaming it out in proper 1080p not upscaled garbage… wtf

the TAC games on youtube are in better quality than the ■■■■ ch 7 pull.


Another question, now much would the club’s profit have been if we didn’t have to wear the cost for all of Disco’s jackets.

And which new draftees Blitz bandwagon would you be most likely to jump on?


Last Friday I purchased a 2018 jumper with #30 on it. On Saturday I was told Langers was moving to #4. I am apparently now on the BEZERK TRAIN by accident and I’m going to ride it out.


You should have known that number has a legal Ryder on it allowing it to be changed at any time.




Thou shall not ever derail the BEZERK TRAIN!


Get Smart gifs? I like you Bomb_Doe…


Thank you that is exciting to hear and something I’ve been waiting to hear is being done.

Great work EFC and Tiwi people and whoever did the in-between stuff.


When does the result get announced?