2017 Candidate Q and A


I know exactly what you said. You want to stream from your phone to the tv thus paying less than foxtel. Who wouldnt. But foxtel only pay millions because most people want to watch on a tv. If anyone can stream from a cheaper phone pass then that makes foxtels product way less valuable. Whether its easy to do technically is irrelevant. The afl cant make the money it gets from foxtel from streaming so why would they let you do it. Its not a hard concept, its basic business.


If that’s the extent of your and by extension the AFLs ‘buisness’ Concept then I’d better go pick an NBA team be as their stuffed.


Some of that’s true, but, it isn’t either because it’s terrible business.

The current deal is worth around 420 Million a year. That’s all the AFL get, and it is extreemly short sighted.

NBA league pass generates nearly 100ml dollars in Australia per year, wow you say, but this is the thing, they use CSNBC, TNT and ESPN to do all the work for them. They only produce minor content, and it makes nearly 1/4 of the revenue in Australia as the AFL does despite the audience being roughly 1/20th of the size.

The much smarter, more savvy thing to do would have been to hold onto their digital rights, sign a free to air partner for around 250 mil per season, and then handle their streaming service themselves which then would bring in the rights to sell advertising on it. Between the free to air contract, their subscription revenue, and enevidable revenue via advertising they would have made WAY over what they got in the deal from Foxtel. In face make a deal with a telco for data free streaming and some home box for the oldies and they probably make even more.

It was a dumbass move by the AFL…

There is a good reason MLB, NBA and NFL don’t sell their digital rights to cable companies.


A dumb question: is there an element of cross subsidisation in the fees for foreign country access to US sport, arising from revenue generated in the US?
I am mindful of the power of the US movie industry, which allows the revenue from the home base to offload cheaply to other countries at prices which do not reflect the cost of production.


Spot on. The AFL have failed to find a way to monitise content in the new, cheaper, distribution methods and locked it in for 6 years. By that time it will be too late.

It’s why it’s such an important question for the board members. This goes to the very financial viability of the AFL and by extension the EFC.

If you don’t get it and won’t push it up through the chairman to push the AFL to change. Then I won’t vote for you and nobody else should. There are many on blitz with the same foresight and as our communities reps on the board you should be pushing our agenda.

To preempt a response If you feel you got there on your own merit then I urge blitz to let you get re-elected on your own without our help.


I would be interested in this also.


AFL pass + Kodi + Chromecast = watch on any size TV.


Worth more than a ‘like’.
Well said.


Having had the pleasure of meeting @Catherine_Lio, I can tell you that she is a passionate Dons fan and an assett to the club.

It feels like we have finally turned a corner as a club and put the nastiness of the last few years behind us. Great off-season so far, outstanding financials, and just a general air of positivity. I think it’s a no-brainer to reinstate the incumbents and not rock the boat.


Thank you for the very kind words G-Unit. Bring on 2018!


Lets be honest, it’s a battle for 1 spot, as Sean Wellman will easily top the vote without needing to do or say anything


Wouldn’t he take Heffernan’s spot?


NO. The Club is appointing someone to take Heff’s spot.

Paul and Katie are up for re-election. It is their positions we are voting for.


Not really a Q to candidates but to ask Catherine and Paul if EFC made a submission to the Hunt Sports Plan ; if the Wood inquiry team have consulted with the EFC; or other EFC indirect input to the Wood inquiry


It seems more an initiative to elevate australia on the world stage. wtf would afl have to do with that?


Good to see that Catherine will look into it!
No way will you get “PC Mirror Man” to follow anything up based on my experience!


Sorry, have I missed something here karma?

I pursued you on why you had an apparent issue with the club, I listened to you and discussed it at length with you (despite me in no way being obligated to approach you in the first place about it), checked in on the details and checked back with you. Was there some part of that which wasn’t appropriate? Or is this regarding something else that I’m not aware of?
Also given my growing waistline the past few years I’ve largely avoided mirrors.


Sure the AFL and clubs should just roll over When Hunt proposes to replace the AFL tribunal with a national tribunal, among other things.


Not to my knowledge bigallan, though presentations and the like are more an operational matter so I’m not sure definitively.


Should hire him as vfl photographer