2017 Candidate Q and A


[Katie has a blonde moment here]


Think Soulnet meant this $20 million to spent at Tulla extension.


Yeah, this. Sorry I wasn’t clear.


Hi Catherine, probably been asked before but are there any plans for the club to remove ourselves from the pokie industry?


Ha! ■■■■■■ hell. I may have been on the internet too much today.

Currently under proposal but not confirmed:

  • lights for the VFL to train under
  • hall of fame permanent space
  • AFLW/VFLW change rooms
  • seating
  • away team rooms
  • Next Gen Academies facilities

That’s just off the top of my head. There are a few more things I don’t think I can mention yet. I expect the plans will be made public fairly soon.


Hi Killer_Mike.

Our aim is certainly to become less reliant on gaming revenues as we introduce reliable alternative revenue streams.


Thank you for your response.

Appreciate you answering our questions. Especially on a weekend.


Hi Katie, given the extension plans discussed above, lights, AFLW/VFLW changeroom, away team change rooms, are there any plans at prehaps hosting VFLW or VFL games at Tullamarine in the medium to long term?


No worries! I’m usually lurking around here anyway.


I think it is more likely long term I would think. Public transport continues to be a problem out at Tullamarine for now. No one quite has a solution for that yet.


I can probably help here Ealesy, there are, yes. We’ll always have a presence at Windy Hill and plan to continue playing games there but certainly there’s a view among the football department that playing on a ground of a similar size to those which the AFL play on (Windy Hill is considerably smaller) would be hugely beneficial for our overall game development, and that playing surrounded by our facilities/technology and the like has obvious advantages.
EDIT - though Katie’s absolutely right on public transport, it needs improving.


Nailed it.



That was my other question, because I’ve never made it out to Tullamarine yet, because I’m in the outer south-eastern suburbs and rely on public transport.

Figure though it is a bit unreasonable to expect the Board to be able to influence and fix the Vic public transport system though


@Paul_Cousins and @Catherine_Lio, considering the record of players once @Dell jumps on their bandwagon, would you prefer him to place his support elsewhere?


In short? Yes.

In long? Yes.


One more question, given the relevations that were printed in the designated gossip pages of the Herald Sun regarding Jake Stringer and his ex partner would you know if anyone from the club has reached out to Abbey Gilmore.

Obviously Jake us a young man, and like a lot of young men has probably made some stupid decision that he regrets.

He has obviously been able to convince Xav, Woosha, Disco and the leadership group that with the right support he will be able to produce his best footy.

Do we as a club have a responsibility to also offer some level of support to his ex?


I’m not sure of what support has been offered to Ms Gilmore specifically, but I know she is very close with Michael Hartley’s fiance and Haylea Cooney. She was also invited to the most recent Long Walk Luncheon which she attended, as did Tania Hird.


Given your background get the club to lobby hard to fix the no streaming of games to a tv, it was a major f-up by the AFL in the media rights deal and to have to watch non FTA games on a phone if frustrating as hell! And NO I refuse to buy foxtel, I only want to pay for football, not a bunch of crap and ads.


This isn’t a contest for class captain. It’s not about who you personally like or who is the most accessible. It’s about electing the most qualified candidate.

As I have said previously, I commend Katie and Paul for being accessable. I think Katie, in particular, is great value and I’m a big fan. But that’s not the primary role of a board member. To be honest, it really shouldn’t even be a small part of their role.

I’ll be assessing the candidates and voting for who I think is the most qualified and who can provide the best expertise / strategic advice to the club. When I finish going through the candidates, it may very well be that Katie and Paul are the candidates who I think meet that bill. But the fact that they both occasionally post on here will not be a factor that I consider at all in making my decision.