2017 Candidate Q and A


So you want the AFL to say to foxtel. Hey l know you pay us millions for tv rights to games but we want to allow anyone who doesnt want to pay you to be able to do so cheaper by paying us and streaming to a tv. You can argue foxtel is too expensive but unless the afl is willing to accept less money for rights its not gonna happen.
If l could dump my foxtel to stream cheaper, l’d do it instantly as would a large majority of foxtel subscribers. So why would they pay big money for rights if that was allowed.


Consider how successful the MLB has been with their streaming business. The AFL would probably be successful selling subscriptions for streaming too.

They get about $360M/y. from Foxtel A subscription to Fox with sports is ~$700 pa. If there are 1 million people who would pay $400 for an AFL subscription, they would not need to sell to Foxtel and could still have FTA.

Hell, even talking about doing so would get Foxtel thinking about paying more. They would be screwed if not for their effective sports monopoly.


You can purchase an AFL Live pass which is $80 per season (free if you are on selected Telstra services). Allows you to watch any match live on your phone/tablet.


And you think they havent looked into it.
If the economics meant they could get near the money through streaming themselves they’d be doing it. American sports have a much greater potential streaming audience. And it will happen eventually but most likely when foxtel stops willing to pay top dollar.


Unfortunately this has hit the nail on the head. I was in the sport and entertainment team at Telstra a few years ago when the AFL bought all of AFL Media in to our offices for 6 months to prepare a handover of the digital properties including the streaming (long term goal, not right away).

They found out very quickly that the cost of building the infrastructure needed to run an MLB or NBA type service was well above what the return would be due to the size of our population, viewership and general cost of the tech and support needed.

While the companies are willing to cough up $$s and use their existing infrastructure I can’t see the AFL going in-house any time soon sadly.

Edit: Oh, and in my opinion ‘event’ tv is the only draw card of FTA and pay TV these days - so paying partners will hold on tight to sporting properties.


What are people’s opinions on what Sean Wellman could bring to the board. I’ve already made my mind up in terms of where my vote lies however find him an interesting candidate


Hi Katie

I am writing as the Chairman of the powerful Dubbo Coterie (4 members). Can you please ask the boys to win a game in Sydney? It’s been a long time and I am sick of copping it from my swans mates.

Thank you



I’m on the case. This years two losses were particularly devastating for entirely different reasons.

You hold the fort with your coterie and I’ll pass on the “we would like a win in Sydney (and everywhere else thanks)” feedback.


Wellman meets the Board skills matrix in respect of past player and professional skills outside football. He is a role model in that he assisted the suspended players and enjoys their respect , as well as demonstrating that it is possible to acquire qualifications and carve out a career outside football post retirement. Further, as someone who suffered from the saga as a staff member, he would have governance considerations uppermost
In recent times the Board has included two past players in Madden and Heffernan , so that should no be a discounting factor .
The above is not to suggest that I am promoting him over anyone else, rather to identify his assets. I consider him a strong candidate.


Appeasing the generation supporters coteries and sponsors won’t make this club what it should be. I’m not a member nor Will be its because I don’t live vic and don’t have the money to spend thousands to get there. When you and the board realize that there thousands of us maybe tens of thousand of us that barrack for this club that arent members .I’d gladly become a non voting member with no privileges or access to games if the money was spent in a tangible way. By that I mean something that has long term benefit to our academies. Talk is cheap and the afl are masters of it. As a great friend once said showing is better than telling. I’ve finished my rant and good luck to you and paul


I like this. I believe @benfti suggested the idea of a Tiwi Bombers membership - but perhaps we could go a little further, and look into Academy sponsorship. It’s certainly an interesting concept and I would love to know if there is any appetite for it.


I buy a Tiwi Bombers and/or Acedemy membership.


Catherine and Paul I appreciate your preparedness to interact with us.

Nothing appears to have been done at the club to honour its found, the McCrackens. Would you be prepared to look into this?


Me too!


You have the vote of our powerful Coterie.


Yes, great idea!


I would absolutely support all of that, id even go as far to dust of the old salesman hat and chase sponsors for it if it helped.


I’m going to follow this up with Darren tomorrow. I’m on it.


Hi Jackie.

That sounds like something the club historian should be looking into for the future Hall of Fame I think!


No, that’s not what I said.

I would be happy to pay for a season pass, but you can’t on anything bigger than a phone. They limited the tablet size to 6 inches screen size after having it on an iPad for years.

I want them to unlock the app to allow me to push the video to my TV. It’s about 10 lines of code, I’d do it myself if they’d let me.

They can keep the stupid media rights deal they have, they can keep the stupid Foxtel arrangement. Just provide an alternative. It’s nothing more than a protectionist move by Murdoch to save standard Foxtel for a few more years before it dies it’s inevitable death. The AFL we’re idiots for doing it and it has already cost them viewers and $.

The ability to stream has never been easier and the cost of those services to build and run have come down astronomically. Hell there is a company in Malaysia that built a local Netflix competitor with over a million subscriber with 5 App developers from Melbourne.

Because the MLB, NFL and NBA have built them then it’s done, there is no high tech development to be done, all it is is skinning the app and having the infrastructure to support it. Which they already have half of for the current streaming service.