2017 Grand Final. Adelaide vs ..........Richmond (yes really)

Cotchin and Ellis will be looked at.

AFL has told Richmond they will be wearing their away kit.

Oh yeah thanks @rossoneri standard prediction’s

Winner: Adelaide
Margin: 54
First Goal: Tex
NSM: Matt Crouch
Random Spud to pay the game of his life: Greenwood

Fark off Richmond.


It’s like choosing between eating cat sh/t or dog sh/t.

I’m torn.

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The best 2 teams without a doubt, looking forward to the Rioli v Eddie/Cameron show.

If Richmond win a flag I’m leaving the state.


Richmond by 25 points
Cotchin and Ellis will escape suspension
NSM: Rance
Random spud etc etc: too close to call between Grimes, castanga and Reiwoldt

No, its like choosing between eating cat sh/t and the end of the world

Adelaide by 120. Please


Bacher houli or Jenkins?

Up the dons


This time next week Bachar Houli could be a premiership player


Same as Shane Edwards

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You mean Tiger shitt & Crow shitt, yeah?

I think the AFL’s pref would be a Crows win. The emotional story behind it, & the winning of it for Phil Walsh would be great for them.

Also, with Fkmond having actually made it now, the almost getting of the grand prize would entice the “Army” to believe theiy’re a dead cert next year, and would see them signing up in droves, and almost definitely smashing all m/ship records.

I’d be putting a wad on Adelaide.

Adelaide is perhaps one of the least offensive of the 17 clubs. Conversely, Richmond are extremely offensive.

Great news is, if Richmond win, it’ll be in that canary yellow BS


I’m supporting Adelaide… Yuk

Hope that Ling tears or badly strains his vocal cords this week and is unable to take his place in the TV commentary team on GF day.


Needs more Butler

Better end like this:

Speaking of which, the first episode of Footy’s Funniest show had a split-second grab of that hilarious sequence when the two little Richmond boys are bawling in the last quarter of a loss (bigger brother trying to be strong but failing). They better show it all in future episodes.



This may surprise you, but I am referring to a show called Footy’s Funniest. Seven, on Thursdays.

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Ok. Hadn’t heard about it, despite watching TF & The Front bar, often lately.

Biggest surprise is the hosts didn’t mention it at least a thousand times during either show?? :hushed:

Cya later