2017 membership


No idea. But if there is a way to do it we should find out what it is and do it ourselves.


Ok,… agree with that, always thought that a) there was a mandated delay on content getting upped there, and B) some content embargoed from getting put to U tube,… and c) we were a bit slack about it at times.

Now seeing the news on the Filths u tube, … if that’s your point, I agree.

Also agree on the Telstra, (whoever’s) player. It’s not great.


Urgh - why would you go there..?


Collingwood's media team is the best. I'm jealous of their media work and jealous of Carlton's design work.


How close are we to 60k?


Our pales compared to theirs.


A lot closer than we will be by the time we're playing finals.


We have 59096. Slowed down, would take a big effort to hit 60k by the bounce on Saturday night.

At current rate we will be at 59734.


Paul little will cover the difference however many we are short rd1. It'll be 60k


Probably because we dont own a pair.
Also because we are still miles behind in terms of fam interactive engagement. It's still 2009


Silver AFL membership - not able to buy even one guest pass to Anzac day. What a joke. Anybody able to help out with purchasing 3 tickets?


theres your problem.

afl membership is a blight on the game, and spitting in the face of club members.


You have never been able to purchase guest passes with AFL membership for ANZAC day, not even gold members,






AFL membership - send it back to AFL House with with your feedback. My feedback involved Vlad and the Witch - saved me cancelling it.


Should be Evans. I reckon he's overall still negative given the Saga has probably cost us $20m...


or David Evans


So, for all the laggards that bought memberships late and don't have the card to swipe at the gate. What is the process to gain entry on Saturday night?


Club sending out emails tomorrow to anyone without a card yet, will be able to print off your ticket and scan that way.