2018 EFC AGM on 17 December - including proposed constitutional changes


Further to Ant’s post - As long a the club has a strong ‘Nomination Committee’ then it should get suitable candidates elected to the board.


Stop being reasonable and talking sense. Darli will not like it.


Wait wait wait, I keep reading something in here, you folks are saying if a former player runs they’ll win??? Thanks for the heads up! :smirk:


Sounds a bit like a conflict of interest to me. But what would I know?


That’s the reason it’s changing. The CEO should normally attend Board meetings by invitation but not be a member of the Board.


I’m not a member.

Fark Carlton.


I thought you were a country member.


Paul Cousins for PM


10 board positions sounds like overkill, even for a large AFL club.

BHP Billiton has what 6 or 7?
(OK heaps of management, but still I assume Xavier has all the staff he needs)

First thoughts are it’s a little bit of excess, but hey I know nothing of board rooms of large corps or footy clubs…


Yeah but BHP hires consultants to assist them to make bad decisions.


PM? Makes running for the board against a former player seem like a secure prospect…


You’d be a way better option that SloMo.


Unless you run a player against a former Premiership player…There is a ranking system :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Is this thing worth going to or just a bunch of blokes talking finance?


I’m watching the cricket instead.


Normally an AGM should be a pretty dry affair. President’s report, Treasurer’s report and financials etc, voting on any resolutions and election of new Board members. It should not be a place for general questions and discussion - apart from decisions/resolutions to be made.

The member’s forum has usually been held separately and is an opportunity for members to hear from the club and ask questions etc. Invariably the questions (or statements) will be:

  • When are we moving to the MCG?
  • Why is the sash so droopy?
  • I don’t like the scarf this year.
  • Why is the sash so straight?
  • Why doesn’t the Club hold a forum where members can ask questions?
  • When is James Hird coming back to the Club?
  • I’ve been a member for x years.

I’m not sure why they have combined the two. Probably for cost and efficiency.


You didnt even mention the shisha

AGM & Members Forum event details:

5:30pm – Registration commences

6:30pm – AGM & Members Forum officially opened by Chairman Lindsay Tanner

  • Financial Report presented by Deputy Chairman & Finance Director Paul Brasher
  • Address from Chief Executive Officer Xavier Campbell
  • Announcement of the Cheer Squad Award
  • Acknowledgement of the ■■■■ Reynolds Club Committee
  • Interview with senior coach John Worsfold and captain Dyson Heppell
  • Presentation of the Ron Evans Leadership Grant
  • Induction of Life Members Brendon Goddard, Dyson Heppell and Michael Hurley
  • General business Q&A

8:00pm – AGM & Members Forum officially closed by Chairman Lindsay Tanner


The supporters forum also used to include new player jumper number announcement and Sheedy speech. Q&a had coaches and jackets


I guarantee you there will be a pokies question tonight. (Not asked by me or anyone I know).