2018 ISC JUMPER....Perfected!

Looks like ISC listened, and at last, it seems we have the perfect jumper for 2018.
Looking at the official AFL shop website, it seems they have the 2018 on show.
Here’s the links…
Home Jumper https://shop.afl.com.au/essendon-bombers-2018-mens-home-guernsey-pre-sale.html
Clash Jumper https://shop.afl.com.au/essendon-bombers-2018-mens-clash-guernsey-pre-sale.html

The Sash remains tight… strong and powerful across the chest, and joins on the hip side as it should, and it looks like they have fixed all the 3 minor issues i had with the jumper last year… 1. Neck hole was too large, 2. Shoulders were too narrow, 3. The Sash did not go fully over the shoulder.

So judging by these pics, ISC have fixed all 3 issues by altering there basic cut in one go!..The neck hole is smaller, the shoulder width is wider, and thus the extra width now allows the room for the Sash to move up right next to the collar & thus, go fully over the shoulder, unlike last years…thank you, thank you, thank you!
There looks to be a small collar now built in too…perfect!!!



Get set for a big 2018, our armour is at its very best… NEVER change this Essendon jumper recipe please!!!
Thank you ISC!!!


benzina can die happy now.


It’s almost as if they alter it every year to sell more of them…


do people honestly buy new jumpers because the angle and width of the sash is ever so slightly changed?

Perhaps it was the Essendon jumper design that forced ISC to change the basic cut they have had in for years. Our design was the only one that there large neck hole, and narrow shoulders did not lend itself too looking right… A sash needs a smaller neck hole and larger width shoulders in order to go over the shoulder fully and properly.

So i like to believe our iconic sash, forced there change for the better, as i’m not sure they would have made these minor adjustments otherwise.

I have to say, those deep colours (OG, I couldn’t give a rats what our pretend jumper looks like) look good.
Get on us for the flag.

Looks like those horrid training tops from last year have changed too.

It took 8 years but we finally have an actual perfect sash. I still dont know how we let Adidas get away with a fkn stripe across our chest looking back now.


Shame about the clash strip, I really hoped we’d adapt something close to the dream time clash jumper we had this year which is as good as you’ll get for an Essendon clash jumper.

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Would like to see it “on.” Hard to comment until then.

How on earth can ISC, the AFL or the cub think this clash strip:

is aesthetically better than :


Tight, strong, true, powerful

Good lord


so not droopy?

Playing well and winning >> tight,strong, true and powerful sash.

Playing well and winning will make our sash tight,strong, true and powerful.


As long as it’s a winning jumper, look at the GF.

I still reckon the if we have to have a clash strip it should be the Tiwi Bombers strip. See the Essendon website for an example


If it’s got to be traditional, a handful of the players should have the sash over the right shoulder.


Or the lads simply wearing a guernsey one size too small …

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IDK. Sash looks twisted, should finish on the hip, but it looks like it finishes around at the back.