2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank

Finals, eh? Who’s playing who again?

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This will be the last non-Essington finals series for at least another 12 months. After that, who knows?



Apparently someone is playing somebody else on a Thursday night. Apparently some people aren’t happy about this because it’s a school night. Or something.


This may seem like a revolutionary idea but those who can’t attend in person on said Thursday night could always watch the game on television? I’m told you can even stream the game right into your own personal telecommunications device these days.

No one really likes children anyway.


To keep with the theme of 2018

Do we want to see another side that has been bereft of success since mid last century finally triumph or are we over all that bullshit after consecutive years of perennial underachievers doing good for a change?


I wouldn’t mind if Melbourne won.

No, wait… I’d hate that.

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I can’t fking believe Hawforn and Colonwood are top 4. They’re both pedestrian. Fk this piece of ■■■■ year.

I’m supposed to cheer for West Coast or Melbourne? Call the finals off.


I’m sick of finals fairy tales.

I want to see G Abblett’s scrunched up face after missing a set shot from 20m out on an ever so slight angle to win the game after the siren only to see Melbourne disqualified after it was discovered that the bench players had entered the playing arena before the game was officially over.


Best case scenario is that a Sydney team win, and then we can all just pretend it didn’t happen and consign it to the 6th inside back page of the paper.


So what do we do between now and next Thursday. That’s ages away.

Anyone but Hawthorn


Regardless I want 5+ drawn grand finals in a row…

Thought it’s golden point now.

WWE is scheduled at the G the following Saturday.

Yeah but then you’ve gotta listen to Cameron Ling.

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Get on board with GWS

First of all knocking Sydney out first round will make me feel good about last year. Secondly they have never won one so it will be great for them and also mean Shiel would def leave.

I just hate the idea of any of the others winning.

Absolutely not the Hawks, I have a bad feeling they will roll Tigers in the first final.

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Collingwood v Richmond would be good. Massive build up. I’d actually be fine with the filth winning. I would be happy for Buckley.

Screw wet toast and horforn.

A side outside the top 4 won’t win it this year. Geelong, Sydney and Melbourne are garbage and GWS are carrying too many injuries.


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I’m over the 2018 Finals series. Richmond supporter at work talking about how he was going to try to get GF tickets. Argh the arrogance.