2018 Non-Essington Finals WankWank


Tell you what Tom McDonald has Hookeresque hands


i’ve noticed that melbourne as a whole handball in a really odd way, close to a rugby throw so consistently.


Game over, eat a bag Hawks


The umpiring in this last quarter is the worst I can remember decades for a final


gutteral bruce is back


He has always stood up in big moments, it was all the not so big moments he struggled with


I can’t stand it.


Burgoyne in the past would have won this for the. Thank fark hes aged.




Unless it’s us he’s froffing about.


Richmond also throw the ball over their head constantly with backward “hand passes”.


Some great plays by the Inhibberder.


I might almost enjoy this straight set loss as much as the Serena straight set loss @Diggers


Hawthorn starting fights now that they know they can’t win




Lol Sicily you flog


The umps tried to get Hawthorn up, but it didn’t work.
Poor Hawthorn.
Straight sets! Love it!


Haha sicily getting pantsed by melksham in the air.


What’s Melksham paying for the Norm?