2018 Pre Season Discussion


That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


Who’s that bloke next to Laverde?


Lavender I think.

Lav & Lav


I’m thinking Lavender.


That’s what I’m thinking too.


Mature age recruit?


Yep looks pasty enough.


For mine this quote from Parish this morning gives me optimism that we can turn our midfield woes around very quickly next year.

You could argue that Parish, Jobe, Myers and Heppell were all below their optimum aerobic capacity due to varying reasons and this impacted our ability to get to enough contests.

I think with a higher rotation of quality players (additions of Stringer, Smith, McGrath) to our midfield and another pre season under their belts and we should see a significant increase in output.

"Probably for me it’s that repeat effort, aerobic running (that I need to work on most)," Parish told RSN927.

"It really does test me at AFL level, getting from contest to contest, so it was a big focus for me over the break to work on and it will be a big focus for me this pre-season."


Yep must be, he’s the only one still excited enough to be wearing an Essendon top.


It doesn’t show I have to say. I always felt this was one of his strengths when on ball


“X looks like they’ve bulked up”


Jake Carlisle. He’s back


Good to see McNiece back.


Yeah, I think people attributed a lot of our woes to not having big bodies but it was clear the midfield weren’t making enough contests.

I think we can make a massive leap next year in this regard.




Melkskham’s jeans don’t fit anymore!


Eager to hear about Langford, McGrath and Begley more than anyone else.
Smith I feel will slot in and be a handy, no nonsense addition from the get go, pesky version of Zach Merrett. L


Begley for mine is the interesting one of the three just because of what he has shown already.

He is a bit in the Langford of 2017 position. Not good enough to make the step straight into a senior midfield role but to good to continue to play that high half forward role.

i personally would love for him to play permanent midfield in the VFL for the first half of the season and if he performs bring him back to seniors.

I think Langford would have learnt a lot this season in the VFL and would have gained a lot more than playing a hf role in the seniors.


It would be exciting for the club’s future, but equally I would hate for him to be held back as Langford was this year. If kids perform, get them in.


Do you really think he was held back? He had several opportunities and was hopelessly off the pace every time. For me he and Laverde were the two really big disappointments last year, and I just hope they can get it together this year.