2018 Pre Season Discussion


I guess the arguments I was making is if playing them in a hf role is holding them back.

No way will Begley be jumping the cue next season and playing midfield in the seniors.

I wish he could though because based on what I have seen in both the seniors and VFL I think he has the talent to be a very good mid.


Fridge looks absolutely massive


Best kicking action in the team.


I say this with the smugness that I thought at the start of last year we should focus on the kids: it’s jus good that we can expect the opportunities we gave to Hocking, Watson, Howlett and Bird will pay big dividends next year.

I thought Langford showed a heap of talent, but didn’t quite have the physical hardness or tank, and made some rookie errors as well. All stuff you’d expect from a 20yo kid. He only got 2 games in midfield. I think the coaches stuffed up by setting him to play forward, before changing tack early in the year.


On 2017’s queue, sure. But things change - as they should, with how far off the pace we were.


First, Langford got more or less as many opportunities as Hocking and Bird. Howlett and Watson got more, but they showed far more than Langford.

Secondly, there were some special circumstances applying to Watson, Howlett and Hocking that I’m sure that you’re aware of.

Thirdly, although Langford played some very good games in 2016, there was not a single game in 2016 in which he performed at an acceptable standard. That’s what I found so disappointing.


all those 4 (and stanton) showed they were cooked, if that’s what you mean.


What a legend.


Scooter tweeting that Kobe Mutch is in ripping shape


Always welcomed back to the club Benny.


Picked up a few things off BJ by the looks of it.


seriously though, that photo is the best thing ive ever seen


Looks born to coach haha


So professional. Absolute gun.


Franga looks like he’s lost a bit of weight, Looks in good nick.

Here’s hoping it clicks for him.


I think it might be a low key summer for Franga media wise, but I’m hopeful the penny has dropped.

Having somebody of his talent down back will improve us immensely.


Yep, that’s him!


Is he going the Fro? :grinning:


Here’s Franga today looking trim


and your avatar, yes?