2018 Pre Season Discussion


Now we just need to get Langford on board


Looks like a fresh cut @S_K


Sensible enough, do you reckon? :joy:


You can tell Guelfi’s had a couple more years in ‘the system’… he’s perfected his game face :neutral_face:


Blitz can’t survive without positing assumptions.


God I love positing.

I get a kick out of just POSITING those assumptions, nice and hard, again and again, while they scream ‘oh god, posit me MORE!’




Showing off his Hird ears proudly …


also doubles as his “im a serious buyer at this open house” face


So #5 then??


The gap between the youngest and oldest lists seems to be less pronounced than in the past.

Only a handful of clubs taking a full senior list with the majority now utilizing the new rules regarding the use of the rookie list.




Excuse my ignorance, but most teams seem to have around 44-45 players (including rookies & Cat B), except Hawthorn & Sydney who have 46.
Does that mean we could in theory have added one more rookie?


Yep, we have room for another.


No wonder Ben is well pisssed off


Maybe they didn’t think the talent was there.

Looking at the main draft there were a lot of players recycled from other lists and also quite a few state league players.

The draft was talked up for most of the year as lacking depth and it has proven to be so based on how it panned out.

As others have suggested we still may look at a Cat B player to fill out the list.


What about one of our VFL players?


I was hoping Hind would get picked up but it didn’t happen.

He is very light but has a set of wheels and can play.

Based on the mature players taken I think a few clubs sense that the competition is very even at the moment and wanted experience on their list rather than taking a chance on project players.


KM, you’ve mentioned this a few times, but from what I can tell Hartung was the only player drafted in the main draft that was on an AFL list in 2017


Crammers , Garlett and mat Shaw off the top of my head, but there were a few more than that.

A lot more than usual from the state leagues also.




Of the Rookie draft only 7 of the 36 come from the TAC cup.

I’m not sure how that stacks up against past drafts but that seems low.