2018 Pre Season Discussion


If that is case, then Mynott as our rookie pick, is a long shot ever to make it.
Don’t want to hijack this thread, as this is what is being discussed in Ben’s thread…


Maybe the cap is full


Yeah, going on how the Main Draft, Pre-Season draft and Rookie draft panned out it is clear there is no depth this year.

Without going through previous drafts it’s easy to see that the clubs when faced with a choice between giving a young kid an opportunity or recycling, they went the recycling route.

The rookie draft is predominately used for youth picks and some mature players from state leagues but this year of the 36 rookie picks ten players were recycled by there own club and a further six delisted players offered second chances.

On top of that 11 rookies were upgraded onto the main list.

It appears to me that there was a heavy emphasis on players that have already been in the system. But I would have to go through past data to confirm that which I couldn’t be bothered doing.

Just appears to be a lot to me.


Rookie salaries aren’t in the cap


My suspicion is that McNiece is now on the Cat A Rookie list, which means we have 44 on the senior and rookie lists

We have one more on the Cat B in Lavender

So we could take (up to 2?) more for the Cat B rookie list.


LOVE this so much…


I think we’ve decided that has to be the case.

I believe you can have 38+6, 39+5 or 40+4 main list + rookies, and up to 3 Cat B rookies. Depending on how many you can find given all the restrictions


What is actually the point of the Rookie Draft now that rookies can be elevated at any time? Why not just keep adding picks to the National Draft? If it’s a salary factor (ie clubs get to pay rookies less), then just have the last few players picked for each team in the ND with list spots to fill declared ‘Rookies’ which have the requisite salary level attached.

I don’t understand the point of then having another draft the following Monday which is effectively just further players from pick 100 (or whenever the ND finishes to the end of the Rookie selections.

Maybe I’m missing something…


Rookies get 1 year contracts rather than 2. I agree there’s no need for it to be a second draft to do that though.


Especially when compared to Carlton’s attempt at the same thing! :joy:






Gold Coast are screwed!


I kinda like their photo better, to be honest.
Come at me.


I know a lot like what Carlton are doing but I think they are screwed also.

They have another ten years of mediocrity I reckon.


Nothing in it, really. All about the same.


Yep, as close in age demographic as I can recall to be honest.


What in that table makes you say that? Their numbers aren’t much different to ours.


Average ages has always been close. its the spread of ages that is important.

The number of young guns who are better than age
The number of players in that 23/24 to 27/28 range
The number of senior (older) players


I just think we have better quality in the right positions.

I think the midfield is going to be a difficult one to manage because they still have Murphy, Kruezer and Simpson keeping them afloat.

They still have a lot of rubbish on their list also.

I just think a lot more has to go right for them to be a contender and in AFL it rarely happens.

Looking at the way we put our list together over the last 3 years it’s like the footy gods kissed us on the d!ck.