2018 Pre Season Discussion


Murray Newman?


Where did the IT guy finish?


You know they run laps yeh? As in, for every headwind they have a tailwind… plenty of
pbs in those same conditions, so let’s not overstate the effect of them


Unless they were exposed to the wind while running into it, … but sheltered from it in the other direction.

One side of the ground is far less exposed to it than the other.


I think it’s in Matt Guelfi’s interview video on BTV where he said he was told to add 20 seconds onto his time because of the wind and conditions.


You think Ambrose is capable of running a >20s pb at this stage of his career? Nup.


Did Woosha or Skipworth beat anyone?
Where did Patrick Ryder finish?


Not sure about that nick.
As the runners finished, Crowe was calling the times at the finish line. I believe each of the 3 groups had a 20 second stagger, so the 3rd group was off scratch, the mid group added 20 seconds and the forwards added 40 seconds to the times called by Crowe.


Post deleted & my apologies if anyone was offended.


And Hurley was so quick he beat a guy driving a taxi?


When’s the next training report? Yes I’m spoilt.


Hope someone answers your prayers today!


I attended today. Suspect I saw Jackie there as well, anyone else front up?
I had my 1year old son with me, so half an eye was on him most of the time.


… do go on.


How’s his disposal looking?


Yes. Pls do. I’ve got to know how you do this Half an eye thing…?


How did Francis Look?


Had a look at the boys today.
Hep, Leuey, Hurley, Joey, Mutch and one or two others in rehab group. But all seemed to be moving really well.
This time last year Joey was doing less.
Raz and Gleeson not sighted. Ambrose walked laps.

Francis does look good. Fitter. He was playing defence in drills. He was encouraged to use his left foot. Missed man first time, shanked badly second time and let out an audible couple of swear words.

Stringer looks like a beast. Didn’t do match sim and did goal kicking but did most if not all drills. He ran strongly in repeat sprints.

Langford did some ok things. Myers nice goal and finger twirl.
But overall skill level wasn’t what you would expect from a side aiming for and expecting a top four spot. Too many times the man was missed by foot.


Good work Begbie.

Any of the young guys putting their hand up early in preseason?


I can’t say I noticed them much. Guelfi makes good decisions under pressure though.