2018 Pre Season Discussion


@Francisthebeasts legs look less like a baobab and more like a redgum treetrunk. 2018. Bring it on.


That balance. Still have very high hopes for him.


Franga has definitely lost weight.
(Beard shaved off.)


This preseason is fkn boring without blitzers ripping into each other about clug vs McGrath.


How farking good is McGrath with the media. Very composed and responses beyond his years.

Cannot wait to see how good he gets, sky is the limit.


Fluff piece



This preseason needs more Gumbleton marking pics.


Looks intense.





Found some photos of training today here too



Begley has a waist.


So many hats!


In the photo with Pops? I’m not sure that’s him, looks too dark haired ( and his head doesn’t look big enough)


Is that Saad between Kelly and Mutch? The only other player with a number in the forties could be McNiece.


I think he was wearing 16 in that video clip where he kicks the goal.


Yes that looks like him, although I can’t make out much detail on the Twitter version.

Can’t always trust training jumper numbers, particularly this early.


Pretty sure the players wear their designated jumpers at training these days. Probably to make them more accountable and easier for the coaches to see who is who (from the balcony and on on video footage).