2018 Pre Season Discussion


Some of us out there actually think stats enhance the enjoyment of the game.

Without going through your posts I’m sure you have referenced stats once or twice.


Don’t think Devon Smith will have trouble breaking tackles this year and Stewie has put a bit on too. :sunglasses:


The things come out of that video for me.

  1. I never want to work for champion data, being a data entry monkey would suck balls and ruin the game for me.

  2. With the level of data available, both live/current and historical any club not using AI Machine learning and Deep Learning to analyse the data and either create insights or tweak gameplans is going to be falling behind.

  3. This same method should be used for recruiting.


I’ve referenced stats occasionally usually to debunk other “stats based” arguements.
And this is my main gripe with stats- that can just as often obscure what’s actually happening as assist understanding.
Allow me a hypothetical;
An opposition key position player is about to take possession of the ball in space near the boundary with only a smaller Essendon player nearby. Several things can happen, including;
1 - Our player makes a perfect tackle just as possession is taken winning a free kick. Well done Walla, and statistically accurate.
2 - Our player uses Pop Kelly’s short steps to harass the player before attempting a tackle which is broken. But this forces the player against the boundary, buying time for a teammate to arrive and pressure, and the backs to cover downfield options. Turnover Essendon and goal. Statistically a loss but well done Gleeson.
3 - Our player hangs off, fails to corral the opposition, who turns and delivers downfield for a goal. No statistical demerit but ■■■■ play.
4 - Our player adopts scenario 2 initially, forcing the opposition to handball back infield to an overlapping teammate. Little do they know our bloke has bounced to his feet and nails the opposition from behind causing a stoppage. Stats wise, equal but brilliant play McGrath.

I could go on, but I hope the point is made - stats are only as good as the judgement of the observer as to what is good, bad, meaningful, or just a team chipping the ball sideways in the backline and racking them up.


Good video, can’t believe the amount of data they actually collect. I agree with a lot of people in that a lot of stats are meaningless, i did however really like the birds eye gps tracker with the little circles, that would be awesome to have next to you when watching a game on tv seeing where each of the players are located and how they are working across the field. It felt like a computer game.


It’s a paid service though, right?> If they were public, how would the AFL charge, and then pay themselves for the service?


You’re upsetting @chris_64


Your last sentence is the most important one there.

Statistics are there to assist with assessments of what’s going on not form the whole argument.

In my book knowledge is king. If the stats are there why not make them available. The AFL own them so why not put them on the AFL site for everyone to see.

Yeah I know, money.


Yeah money


How are you going Deckham?

I wish I could take in everything that is going on on the field during games.

As it is I am not as skilled as some observers, who are able to see how the backline is set up, who is playing on who in key defensive positions, who is being tagged, what running patterns are being used by our forwards and opposition forwards. Its hard enough just to watch where the action is, and theres a limited scope to see what blocking, shepherding etc are being executed by our players, also who is spending time on the bench to assess whether they have gone missing on the field. I find the stats help.

TBH, some of the Blitz posters are awesome in their ability to analyse games with a macro view and get a feel for and rate individual performances across a number of subjective measures. I really look forward to their posts after games.


From the AFL website …

A WIDE-RANGING review Essendon conducted after its disappointing finals exit should have the club prepared to break its September drought, midfielder David Myers says.

Sydney dismantled Essendon by 65 points in an elimination final to end the Bombers’ 2017 campaign.

The Bombers have not won a final since 2004, when they lost in the second week to Geelong.

Myers told radio station RSN on Tuesday the club was determined to improve.

“The whole club took a look at itself – players and coaches – top to bottom, after the way we fell out of finals last year, which was pretty disappointing,” Myers said.

“They’ve (coaches) taken feedback on board from every angle and we’ve all made the changes we feel like we had [to make] to put ourselves in a position to play better and achieve more this year.”

The 28-year-old said the review was nothing out of the ordinary.

“I think most clubs at the end of the year, as part of their exit process, would do the same thing,” Myers said.

"It’s just a wider-reaching survey or insight into every level at the club, and every department, and get a feel for what they felt worked well, what could be improved, a bit of a look at yourself at where you think you can get better.

“That was certainly part of the process we went through last year and we were pretty thorough about it because we want to get to where we want to be quickly.”

Meanwhile, Myers is optimistic Andrew McGrath can have an immediate impact in the midfield.

Last year’s NAB AFL Rising Star winner lined up mostly in defence last year but ended the season with more stints through the middle and is poised to become a full-time onballer.

“His work ethic is first-rate and that’s why he’s had the year he had last year,” Myers said.

“He has spent a lot more time in and around the mids at training throughout pre-season so far and even in the short time we have been training, just his craft and getting used to playing inside, he’s improved out of sight.”


Sounds very encouraging


Training tomorrow morning? Wouldn’t mind taking my little cousin down for a look if so.


found it a little awkward that those quotes came from David Myers.

yes I can be an ■■■■-hole.


One of the things everyone at the club - coaches, past staff, players -( I remember Zerret, & Parish specifically commenting unprompted) seem to agree on, is that Myers ability to analyse and explain game situations and the craft aspects of midfield work is outstanding.

Yes you can ask why it doesn’t seem to translate to his own game.

So if Myers says McGrath is progressing really well I’m excited - more so than the usual team mate bigging up a mate


Wish we were playing the Crows at the G.

Need to come out all guns blazing and put 3-4 goals in quick succession to set the tone for the rest of the match. start slow and the Crows will beat us.


Apologies if asked already but does anyone know when the intra-club is this year?


Afl website says Guelfi is our standout draftee at this point and is the draftee most likely to play afl this year.


Hardly surprising since he mature age & been playing WAFL footy, and most of our other picks need plenty of physical development

With Howlett, Bird, Hocking and co all gone. Def possibility for him if midfield opportunity arises

Versatility also a big plus for him

Claremont football manager Darcy Coffey believes "Mr. Fix It" Matt Guelfi ticks every box as a draft prospect.

He’s skillful, tough, wins his own ball, kicks goals, is a strong contested mark for his size and can play almost anywhere – which he proved against men at WAFL senior level this year.

The talented junior track and field athlete is also blessed with that rare blend of pace and endurance.


Can actually play footy and with both these attributes, might even end up depth just outside our best 22 mids.

Watching the preseason last year, i saw mcgrath improve a so much in the last month of preseason, he could not be ignored for round 1
It could happen with this guy also.