2018 Pre Season Discussion


That you felt the need to share, yep


Oh dear. Not at all the intent. I’ve edited my post.


Hurls/Gleek intercept give it to McKenna/Saad - there ya go goal


Yep, I think Saad is going to be a very important inclusion.


Champion data get very defensive with criticism but their extensive criteria/assessments/terminologies need overhauling because their “scientific” measurements/terms are at odds with accepted definitions amoungst supporters, experts


Criticism clearly warranted when All Australian worthy players who’ve had amazing seasons aren’t being included


Probably not worthy of a thread so I’ll just put it in here:

I rocked up at about 11 this morning so I saw the group do a full ground intra club consisting of about 2x 10 minute halves. After this there was a drill that was all about working in confined spaces and being able to flick around a handball to team mates under real heat.

Some little observations:

  • Fantasia’s work rate is just immense. What I mean specifically is his ability to produce REPEAT high intensity efforts. Had a few runs in the scratch match where he was running at electric pace and then if it turned over he would sprint at max intensity to help out defensively. Looks super fit and once again will be exhilarating to watch this year.

  • I echo other posters thoughts on Smith. Looks right on. He is a real competitor and loves the niggle. Gleeson buried him in a tackle and Smith felt it was a bit excessive so he flipped him and gave him a shove.

  • Hartley looking more confident in the air and with ball in hand

  • Redman looking like he has done the work and looks AFL ready from a physical perspective.

  • Baguley back in full training

  • Ambrose looks awkward af with the ball in hand but he generally kicks to advantage even if it may not be perfect or penetrating.

  • Zerrett elite kicking into forward 50

  • I really liked Stewart’s aggression today. Was taking on everybody and fending off for fun.

  • Clarke - I’m sorry but the kid’s kicking is heinous. Some of the errors he made in the scratch match were outrageously bad. After training a couple of the coaches were doing a drill with only Clarke and Parish working on their kicking. One would throw the ball to the other who would quickly back off the mark and then kick to either the 45 in the corridor or a guy down the line on the lead. Parish was looking sharp in this and kicked with greater penetration and consistency than I have seen in games at times. Clarke was really struggling. I genuinely hope the coaches can perform some sort of miracle with him because he clearly has a strong ability to win the footy in the contest but at AFL level it will count for nought unless he can get it to an acceptable level.

  • A few guys sat out the session today: Francis, Langford, McGrath, Laverde did half.


Oh dear.

P.S. (Thanks for the report HD.)


How did Stringer look? I heard he is a good chance to play midfield this season.


I heard he won all the clearances


Apparently we’re looking to have him 70% mid 30% FWD …


Haha yes I’ve definitely heard that lol.
He played forward today with the Zerk manning him up. Hit up at the footy well.

I should’ve mentioned as well that Begley was also very impressive. He loves the doing the defensive stuff as well which is good to see. Chases, harasses and is a strong tackler. We know how good he is with ball in hand. Seems an extremely well liked guy among the group too.


How has tippa’s pre season been. Can we expect more improvement out of him?


Ok I’m just confused now. I thought we were going for 28% fwd and 72% mid.


He was another who had a spell today or must have been doing work inside, at least from when I got there.

I don’t see why he won’t continue to improve though. His attitude is first rate and when you have the commitment to get the best out of yourself like he does I’d say he can only get better which is exciting. Perhaps with a further pre-season under his belt his fitness will have got to a level where he can roll through the midfield a bit more when we need a spark in there.


Video snippet in the Ball clip of:

LAV taking a big clunk in fwd line, he looks massive! Def bulked up IMO

And Lang also in midfield taking a good mark and moving ball on quickly

Edit: 46sec mark onwards


I find it interesting that Rob Harding was addressing the players. Just assumed that his role would be more behind the scenes.

It’s difficult to measure how much input somebody in his role has but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we play a similar brand of footy to Adelaide.


Did you really say Gleeson buried Smith in a tackle?




46 secs