2018 Pre Season Discussion


Just as bad as having Houli as elite.




Please remember this exemplar of statistical ■■■■■ next time someone uses CD to justify their opinion.

Nothing wrong with an opinion on it’s own.

Ps Todd Goldstein??
The tin rattlers couldn’t give him away.


The Bont is average?

Why didn’t we trade J Merrett for him then?


The Bont, brownlow votes: 19, came 7th. Not elite.
Kelly of GWS, 21 votes came 5th not elite.

Sounds like a crock.




Cant say I disagree with this. But we all know where we have to improve, and cover the loss of Jobe at the same time.

Intercept to score 22.4% #2
Inside 50 to score 50.4% #1
Uncontested possession differential +22.1 #2

The high-octane Bombers ranked third overall in scoring last year – behind only the South Australian teams – and much of that owed to their efficiency. All Australian defender Michael Hurley and his merry (backline) men, primarily Martin Gleeson, Mark Baguley and James Kelly, repeatedly repelled opposition attacks and launched scores. Essendon ranked only 12th for total inside 50s with 51.4 last year, but scored off more than half of them. That value for money – no doubt aided by having a dominant forward in Joe Daniher – makes more sense coupled with their impressive uncontested possession differential. Having more disposals under less pressure than the opposition will generally produce a more desirable result. - Marc McGowan


Highlights just how an important year Hurley had and why he is slimming down to become more mobile.

#2 in the comp from ‘intercepts to score’ and should get even better with improvement to come from our back 6.


Improved midfield pressure from the faster McGrath, Smith, stringer and Langford should also help the defence enormously and provide increased opportunities for then to intercept.

It looks like we are shaping up to play bj more permanently as part of the back 6, or at least as a very defensive winger/sweeper. He could be primed to have a field day if we can start to force more hurried disposal into the opponent’s forward line.

Just another reason to be super excited for the season ahead


Goddard is so versatile. Lucky to have got him.

Such a gun!


Quote from American baseballer: “Statistics are like a bikini - they show a lot, but not everything.”


Ah yeah nah good thanks you?


Champion Data shoots itself in the foot , again.


Its hotting up.
This Saturday. Intra club. At the Hanger
The following friday AFLX Etihad
The following saturday, JLT, round v 1 Richmond ■■■■.

Bring It On


Everyone in Wangaratta calls it ■■■■.
Many chinese are called ■■■■.
Apparently thats a very bad word.



Jack Sinclair? Jack Sinclair?

I know St Kilda have a lot of Jacks, and some of them are quite good, but who the ■■■■ is Jack Sinclair?


I hope Goddard can keep those declining levels of pace and agility at bay in 18 otherwise he could become a liability.


Here is the thing.

We’ve added Saad, Stringer and Smith to that already high octane team.


Is it bad that I read this with an apostrophe?