2018 Pre Season Discussion


In 3 years time Buddy will probably still be playing and given the quality of service he is continually provided by the Swans midfield, it will be difficult for Joey to knock Buddy off his throne. I mean, Buddy had 133 shots at goal in 2017, Joe 104.


Not sure if serious?


Joe is going to be known to the world as- “The White Michael Jordan”.

But with a Mo.

And a stupid grin.

In a different game.


JD moves like Hipwood, surely it’s the other way around :stuck_out_tongue:


Just on the general theme of pre-season discussion, it always seems to centre around whether we should aim for top 8 or top 6 or top 4 and whether 13 or 14 or 15 or 16 would be an acceptable number of wins.

There was an article yesterday about Alistair Clarkson in that second-rate rag that that woman still “writes” for occasionally. He is without doubt a revolting specimen of humanity, but he did say one thing that I agree with. Which is that he goes into every season aiming to win the premiership.

Rather naïvely, I guess, I used to think that that was what every coach and every player always did. But it seems not.

That’s what I think we should be aiming for this year. And to win every game, too.


I’m sorry, but that’s just bullshit.

He was not aiming to win the premiership in his first few years at the Hawks. He was aiming to build a list capable of winning one.


Will the intra club be uploaded afterwards or will it just be available live?


We tried that. Didn’t work.


LIve streaming.



Full replay will be available on the website




And it won’t take him long to re-assess for this year once the season starts


Sorry mate. Not having a good day. Misreading stuff and events all over the place. Carry on…


All good mate, beer o’clock now.


First of all the article didn’t say that. It said that he did rebuild, but it didn’t say he wasn’t aiming for the flag from Day 1.

And secondly, even if it’s only since he’s had a good list that he’s aimed for the flag, doesn’t that apply to Essendon now? Why shouldn’t we go straight for the flag this year? For the last two years it’s been won by teams with less than perfect lists, but who played the hardest and most intense football. Why shouldn’t that be us this year?


You think we’re not aiming to win the flag this year? There was talk last year about “why not?” for the flag. We are 100% aiming for the flag this year.


Hard and intense football characteristics, stats don’t matter when you display these. When your constantly doing this your always in the game.


I remember when it was Buddy’s draft year everyone was talking about him as the “Black Chris Tarrant”

Today, Chris Tarrant would be lucky to lick Buddy’s bum grape.


Tarrant was always a frightfully overrated forward. Better defender.


Exhausted from the marathon training sesh today?