2018 Pre Season Discussion


What?! You told me it wouldn’t be.


Bum grape?
What the hell is a bum grape? (too scared to google)


I did…in my defence the big screen in the paddock would be way more fun


Apart from when he was playing us. Seemed to always chew us up as a forward.


Anzac Day 2001 when he got the medal rings a bell


Just google it.


Do not.


Do it!


A grape of wrath! Special cream required.


You’ll need a Preparation before reading it. H maybe?

And piles of it.


Had two really big games against us, 5 on ANZAC day 01, 4 for Freo start of 07 - 6 years apart.
30 goals in 24 games.


Excellent. I really really hate runners staying the ground taking on the role of an extra player. Get off the friggin ground. Players rotate on-off so much you wonder if they really need them at all for messages or drinks. My preference would be to scrap them completely or limit the number of times they go on the ground. And they then have to come straight off otherwise it costs them a goal. Like I said, I hate them.


Running out of time? New JLT rule on runners
Nick Bowen

RUNNERS will only be able to deliver messages to players after goals and at quarter breaks under a proposed rule change that could be implemented in this year’s premiership season.

The AFL recently notified clubs that it would restrict the use of runners during this month’s JLT Community Series, according to a report in Fairfax Media.

As part of the AFL’s trial, runners will only be allowed to run on to the ground after a goal has been signalled and during the quarter-time, half-time and three-quarter time breaks.

When runners come onto the ground during a quarter, they must be off – or at least making their way off – the playing surface, by the time the ball is bounced to restart play.

AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking foreshadowed a possible change to the rules governing runners at a pre-season media briefing earlier this month.

“The game continues to evolve and all these layers continue to be added. The question I’ve been asking is, ‘What is the purpose of the runners?’ And I have spoken to clubs about that and I’ll continue to do that,” Hocking said.

“We’ll potentially trial something during the JLT series.”

The AFL’s trial comes in the wake of last year’s controversy surrounding Greater Western Sydney runner Nick Maxwell.

Concerns were raised after the Giants’ round 12 game against Carlton that Maxwell had been blocking space when the Blues were kicking out and coached players on the field rather than passing on messages from senior coach Leon Cameron.

The Giants angrily denied these suggestions, but AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan subsequently said the League would consider banning runners ahead of the 2018 season.


I’ve heard that the whole runners-only-allowed-on-till-the-next-bounce rule exists only to provide them the opportunity to introduce the “solution” of a further 30 seconds of ads between goals.

(legit not sure if I’m extracting the urine)


Any training today?
Work is boring!


Wonder which of our Rookies will be upgraded?

With Mckernan playing well in the intra and Francis out indef and Lav’s return probably at least a month away, he may come into contention.

Personally reckon he will provide more than Draper at least. Who else could be upgraded & impact if needed ?


I thought it was stated elsewhere that you no longer need to upgrade rookies. They can be played at any time.


Doesn’t really matter, a rookie doesn’t need to be upgraded to play in the seniors anymore. But I reckon Begley and Green are competing for Laverde’s spot (Green and Begley weren’t in my best 22 and Laverde was).


Begley & Green weren’t competing for a spot in the 22. Laverde was behind Begley.
That was already established.
Green maybe. Not sure how, pehaps as they are both forward.

I take the point about not requiring an upgrade any more, but I believe that some restrictions still apply to Rookies.

, Mcniece & Mckernan are the guys I would up grade if there is a benefit


Green was best 22 last season until injury


All three are forwards with Begley and Laverde expected to play mid eventually.

Not sure how it has been established that Begley was ahead of Laverde before he got injured - we can only guess. I had him ahead based on the training reports even though they mean little.

I didn’t have Green in my best 22 but he played well in the intraclub so can’t go without mentioning him.