2018 Pre Season Discussion


Yeh HAP, i know all the players you listed. They are all known and have played at AFL level except the inside mid “prospects” I am talking about Clarke and Mutch, and maybe, The Fridge.


If you exclude a bunch of guys, yes we don’t have many.


Sometimes consistency and reliability can be enough.

Cameron Ling like.


Not sure how Kobe Mutch is viewed as an outside player in the medium-long term. Kid has strong contested game credentials IMO - which he has actually displayed in the VFL this year. Has an appetite for going in hard - likes the physical stuff and is going to be a beautiful size too. Yes, he can find space, link up and read the play - all of that is a bonus, but his lack of pace I think means he will hopefully develop toward somewhere between a Heath Hocking and a Heppell style of midfielder (depending on how good he gets).


I don’t think it means a whole lot in the longterm if an 18 year old doesn’t play much on the inside in their first season. Certainly in the case of Clark it seemed to be a deliberate strategy to widen his skill set by playing him in different roles, whereas Mutch was just a skinny kid.


You shouldn’t even be lurking here then, let alone posting, especially about teammates.
Good luck with your career, though!


You caught me


It was your initials that gave it away.


I agree. I also think he’s too slow to be an outside player in the AFL.


lol @ people that think Clarke will be getting games this year.


Whats funny about it?


Did you watch much VFL last year? Wasn’t exactly saying ‘pick me.’


Attended about 10 games and a few on tv.

Thought he flew under the radar considering he was played out of position.

He’s got a long way to go but I don’t think he’s going to die wondering.

Plenty to work with.


Definitely a hard worker and has some good attributes but he will be way down the pecking order for games next year. Don’t think his game would stand up at AFL level.


Each to their own I guess.

He works extremely hard and is as ferocious in the contest as just about anyone on our list.

His kicking is the obvious issue but he uses it well withhin limits and I thought it was gradually improving throughout the year.

I expect he will takeover Birds role in the VFL and be the main clearance player and thats when we will see what he has to offer.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting he’s going to be a regular in the seniors but it’s not impossible that he plays some games.


I had Kobe as one of our best from last years draft, chucked 10 on him for rising star…maybe this coming season! He is a hard nut with great disposal on both sides…came second in the vfl B&F…kids gonna be a star


I thought he was god also but I’m not as big on him.

I just don’t see what separates him from the pack.

I do hope he gets rewarded with some games next year to see if he can take the next step.


I wouldn’t be making any assumptions about the progression of our young players, either positive or negative. Of course it would be great if they all came on in leaps and bounds and demonstrated by the end of pre season that they’re capable of playing good AFL football.’

However, progression is rarely linear so some could come from the clouds to take or compete for a spot in the senior team while others may make no obvious progress.


I get what you mean and I hope he steps up to be a champ. I haven’t written him off or anything I’m just not as big a fan as others are.

Bomberblitz is all about assumptions :grinning:


Would be interesting to know if any records were broken in regards to players given second chances and mature player coming from state league competitions.

Just seemed like more than usual.

Usually those players are reserved for rookie picks.