2018 Pre Season Discussion


We all know that Kobe Mutch is in the frame for an AFL callup this year, most likely as an outside player. Is Clarke under the radar at 186 cm, because he is one of our few taller inside mid prospects?
I am wondering if he is ready to show the toughness, endurance and contested ability that had him originally touted as a first round selection, until someone saw him kick.
He can handball I believe.

Buckenara :
For his size Clarke is very competitive and actually plays a bit taller than his height suggests and really throws his body around. He’s a smart kid and has the athleticism and traits clubs like as an inside midfielder who wins his own footy and plays with desperation. It wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up being a tagging-type player because he’s so disciplined.

Eastern Ranges Talent Manager Len Villani :
Competitive, inside animal with a beautiful feel for the game. Can play different roles as well, he’s done some really good stopping and stoppage roles. He’s the ultimate professional, really studious and he’ll thrive in an AFL environment in terms of being one of those kids that loves the structure, loves the information coming back at him and being able to process all that.

Lets hope we can see something from this kid this pre-season, because so far we really have not taken any midfielders during the trade period.


I thought Clarke had a very underrated first season.

His kicking is below average but he has a real go and has some real strengths in other ares. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he plays games next season.


Plough is an affront to my ears and sensibilities.

hes done some AMA’s on reddit, surprised no ones asked him why he ruined richmonds list so much.


The way I see it for sides contested ball players…

Rich: Martin, Caddy, Graham, Cotchin, Prestia
Ess: Stringer, Heppell, Myers/Lang, Parish, Smith

That’s not factoring in Goddard and also Zerrett & Zaka being very able to play inside roles well.

Even if Stringer can have 2/3rds the output of Dusty (who plays 50/50 mid/fwd) and its not a stretch to think he could I don’t think we have too much to be concerned with in terms of the midfield.

One thing that won’t be happening via new midfield mix is getting smashed spreading from contest/lack of pressure.


Smith and Stringer are the big question marks.
The role they play will impact our team selection.
I wanna be super lid off.


Wallace is an Oxygen thief.


Richmond’s inside midfield is pretty damn good. While Caddy and Graham are honest tryers, Martin, Cotchin and Prestia would match most other sides top 3.


Clarke is one of the few contested ball kids we have on the list. Last year in the VFL, he played most of the season as a high half forward, because the midfield spots were being taken by Hocking, Howlett, Bird and Langers but he still finished equal 4th with Bird in the VFL BNF.


I like what i saw of him this year.

A lot wont agree but I have him in front of Mutch.

I personally think Clarkes game will translate better at the next level.




Interesting. KM I had the impression that Mutch was playing asa “wing” and he did well at that and racked up a lot of possessions out wide, but I also get the feeling posters here think got significant time as an inside mid, which I did not see tbh.


I personally don’t see Mutch making it on a wing. I think if he’s going to make it he has to work on his inside game.

He had a very strong season and probably performed above expectation but I personally don’t see him as much more than serviceable.

I know that won’t be popular around here because a lot of people rate him.


It’s not just about pure body size. We have enough big boys in and around the contest.

but what we lack is that player who get’s 15-18 contested possessions every week.

We need someone to play a full season and get over 300 contested possesions.

I actually do think Parish could become that player, he has the game for it and attracts the contest. Regardless of his size.

Myers, Heppell, Stringer to do the grunt work, Parish to be the machine inside.


I agree. I just don’t see Mutch as an inside midfielder. He’ll be an outside player, who can win his own football. But pure contested player, no chance.


Both Clarke and Mutch had development seasons, and received very high praise from the coaches for how they approached it.
Clarke was given a variety of roles, not just high half forward (can we abbreviate this to the Kommer?), but stints as a forward pocket, run with mid, and a couple of patches of the back flank.
Mutch did play generally on the wing, where his ability to read the play and make space were apparent.
However he also showed a willingness to tear into packs at stoppages, and the ability to keep his hands free, dispose to advantage, and to draw the contact free kick much more than a classical outside player.
This is where the talk of an inside role is probably coming from.
He may never be a Jobe, Josh Kennedy, pure inside mid but is possibly more in the mound of the Crouches, with some inside work, and the endurance to keep breaking from traffic.

Both have pluses and weaknesses- what will translate up a level can’t really be known until they get the chance


He just looks that way to me. I know he’s played more out than in. My gut tells me he will be a good clearance player though. And my gut is fairly substantial, these days.



Goddard, Heppell, Myers (incumbent)
Langford (on the cusp all last year)

All 187cm and 85kg or bigger - and all will see midfield time.

For a side with (apparently) no big mids on the list, geez we have a lot of big mids on the list.


There was like 3 of them in the league last year.


I actually don’t disagree

He’s got no real weakness, but no real AFL strength either IMO.


I think he will get games, but yeah for mine he has no weapons that will separate him from the pack.

I’m sure he will get given an opportunity next year though.