2018 Season in Review: The Clapper v Gloomer Deathmatch

For me…well I have this long term prediction to return to, which I made after JLT (before Round 1):

The main thing that I would change now, is the assessment I made about the kids:

  • Francis has gone from potentially quitting football, to a rising star nomination.
  • Langford has gone from ‘positive signs’ at VFL level, to ‘positive signs’ at AFL level (I’m not so surprised about that one).
  • Parish finished the season well.
  • Redman has been rejuvenated by switching to the half back line.
  • Laverde showed some signs as a clearance mid, late in the VFL season.
  • When I made the above post, I probably hadn’t seen much of Guelfi…probably hadn’t seen anything of Zerk/Mynott…all low draft picks, and I think they have potential.

These positive signs from the kids makes me encouraged about the future…now that I think about it, I like the attitude of the young guys. They all seem pretty diligent, like they want to compete, like they’ll work hard to try to succeed…so currently, I’m feeling like where we just finished on the ladder for 2018, should really be a low watermark for several years. As long as we tick off a decent trade period/draft, I am going to start 2019 with my median expectation being finals.