2018 Season in Review: The Clapper v Gloomer Deathmatch

I owe the tax office 2k because my work didn’t take out enough over the year.

I’m so anti-hecs right now.

Yeah, but some of our individual exams have been superb.

the person thats been there longer than the phd students and barely has an undergrad.

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The best year is when you pay of the debt but don’t tell your work to stop taking payments. Boom massive tax return that year.


Well la-de-farkin-da.


I have to inform my work that I do have one, lol. I’m handing in the form this week as I talked to the payroll peeps and was like “yeah so maybe take more tax out each week, and maybe some more as I’m basically two months late for this financial year”. yeah, I’m lazy. I spend way too much time trolling innocent peeps in the DJ thread.

When I turn 68 and still renting and working, I too hope to enjoy that day.


hey mate, don’t pick on that guy! (although yes I finished my degree and not at uni).

That’s what I’m doing. I’m just not changing the arrangement. I don’t miss it in my pay so get a lovely bonus tax time! It’s great!

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This happened to me this year

Hadn’t lodged my return for 3yrs, 2.5yrs of it paying now non existent HECS debt.

Very happy camper


l am one of them, and completely shameless. The shame is not that l got free tertiary education (l actually got paid to study), but that they brought in tertiary charges in the first place. Free education is to be encouraged, not stamped out.


@barnz check out these gloating boomers.

I really detest USA/Australia’s debt education system and wished we followed the free overseas model.

I reckon uni education should be free and if you want to do honours/more than 1 degree then you have to pay. not that I think having a degree makes you better in any way, I just dont like the debt being placed on kids that have turned 18/19 that have to make a career decision. I couldnt even name my best 22 on blitz let alone make a decision that big…some people dont find what they want to do until they’re 25/30 etc.


Yeah, nah. I’m not delusional enough (yet) to pick us for the flag or anything next year… but one thing I am positive about: we will smash Carlton.

The Blues will improve next year (still bottom 2) but that game will be marked after the events of this year. We could have a 5 game losing streak before that game next year and we will still make a mess of them.

(Yep and perfectly aware similar was said by many after losing to them in early 2017 about this year… but not this time)

Well there’s a problem, even call centre operators today do tertiary studies at one of many Universities. I am a shameless grub. When I got my free university education I won a scholarship with all my living expenses paid for at Uni, even while I skipped lectures for weeks at a time and went to stay in the low cost Uni Ski lodge on Buller.

At that time only about 10% of Baby Boomer school leavers were smart enough to get into either of the 2 Universities that existed in Victoria and only about half of them were able to win government scholarships. The rest had to pay fees. Thats when the other 95% of the baby boomers were complaining that they were being discriminated against, because they were not smart enough to get into Uni or win a scholarship and that should be a “right”.

Now, instead of 95% complaining about discrimination and their “right”, 100% of tertiary students are complaining about hex debt.,

Doesn’t matter what generation it is, there will always be arguments about who pays. User pays, or the rich?

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The other big factor is forward half turnovers and we are well behind the leaders in that regard. I think our inside 50 pressure is ok as are our tackle numbers but we don’t take the hurried release kick off the opposition often enough. Getting Gleeson back and having Francis grow should see this area improve. Getting our forward structure right will be key in this regard too.


trades apprenticeships should be free too.

up tax a bit, give people a free hand with starting their life.


Don’t anger the boomers.

They’ll come in here by the thousands whinging about 17% interest rates in the 80s or something.

FFS, if your house only cost 60 grand then as if you’d give a fark how much the interest rate was


Old people are rubbish


Were bringing in Euthanasia, it will all work out.