2019 Bye Week #1 Games


ect ect ect.


Bye rounds are so stupid, they just drag on and on and on.

They should just have one week that every team has off. If they still need footy on TV they could play the legends game or a women’s all star game etc. Or you know, maybe have no games, go outside, play with your children, that kinda stuff.

Also: Nuggs etc




Or state of origin.
With players getting a fixed share of tv/gate revenue not included in clubs cap


State of Origin.
Yeah, I know.

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I honestly don’t think it’s the players that need convincing.

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Yep that would be my preference too.

Yehprolly not but would like those that play to be duly compensated.

Yep. Week off for all clubs and play SOO.

Actually, stuff State of Origin.
I don’t care about Victoria or South Australia or that other mob.
But I would like a rep game, so just make it SA/WA/NT vs QLD/NSW/VIC/TAS.

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See i don’t think that “all star game” kind of concept would work. I just dont see people getting behind it like they would origin

Make it a week off. If people want a footy fix they can go grassroots and watch a local club play or check out a TAC (??) match. Promote it well with AFL support and it could be a thing.


Yep. Fans have to have skin in the game for it to work. I have no interest in watching an all star bruise free wank fest

Or east vs West All stars match

With no tassie side In the afl. State of origin was huge for us. And now nsw and qld have a lot more players due to academys would be good contests

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There was one in modern times, but I can’t remember the year.
To me it did seem a bit three-quarter paced, but the skills were outstanding and more than made up for it.

If it was promoted with 10% of the energy of AFLX it’d soon be one of the best things about footy.

I hope the tigers can knock off the cats tonight but i don’t see it happening

Other than that, can’t give a stuff

This is a great idea. Imagine if the bye week was ‘grassroots’ weekend. Encourage all supporters to go and watch their local club, or their school club, or the club where their favourite player comes from etc. The clubs could charge a small admission to the matches and make a fortune from that and pie/chip sales, they could make it their major fundraiser for the year.

It’s such a great idea and I have no doubt the AFL will never do it.

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Better for us if Geelong give Richmond a smashing.

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I’d be curious to see what @Aceman thinks.
I reckon he’d be torn between wanting to see that South Australia are better than Victoria… but not wanting to cheer for Crows or Port players

He can cheer for Francis, Fantasia and Redman.

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