2019 March 7th 4pm Practice Hitout vs Geelong GMHBA stadium


I wouldn’t disagree with that. I do believe though, that he is still easing into it.


Of course McKernan lifted the game because Clarke was getting murdered. It was more about Clarke’s output than Smack. With Belly in there it wont be an issue.

We’ll just have to disagree. Like i said above, if they have one spot for those 2 blokes, Brown will get it. And i know they play differently.


The McKernan Vs Brown debate is an interesting one. They both bring very different game styles, but play similar positions. McKernan is very Dangerous deep fwd. Browns work rate makes him very dangerous at CHF.

Smack is best suited to FF, Brown CHF. I honestly think both Smack and Brown bring more to the party then Joe at the moment. But lets be real Joe will be playing, and probably should be.

Amro, and Harts have shown bugger all in the JLT. So id play Brown down back on the 2nd tall fwd. Smack and Joe to play fwd. Hurley to take the best fwd, and Frances to play the intercept role.


Yes I would do the same.

One other thing about Smack is the taking the ball from the ruck rule will also help him significantly as he won’t have to rely solely on jumping over bigger ruckman but can outbody them instead, which he already shown himself capable of several times this year.


But, but, but…then where do you play Stewart?:flushed::joy:


Joe was quiet effective and did this a couple of times in last nights match I noticed. One set up a goal.


Has anyone got any information on the VFL game played at Geelong yesterday. I would be interested to know how the boys went. I understand we won easily.
I believe Hams and Clarke played half a game.


Centre Clearances 18 - 9 win but totally ineffectual. except for 1 goal I think Brown got
6-6-6 rule should help us.
Send smack forward.


To be honest, I don’t really see it as a competition between the two. I see Brown as a link-up tall similar to Adelaide’s Lynch, whereas McKernan is more of a crash and bash stay home forward (when not rucking of course).

I don’t think they play the same roles, so whether they get a game should depend on our setup and how they go compared to other players.


For some reason I see Brown as the one winning an actual bake-off.


Ummmmm… this thread does?


There is a full thread in the Essendon VFL section

edit - whoops sorry I forgot we were here already!


The next VFL practice match is at Crazyburn Saturday 23/3.

I would like to think there will be some kind of intraclub at the hangar next weekend





Have you tried Brown’s upside down cake? I think not


I get your assessment, but you’ve rated Brown as a CHF, then made no argument as to why you put him in defence. Your logic was based on his danger as a CHF.


As you were at the vfl win who would you put in your bests Mr Cousins?


I don’t tend to do that, but given there were limited reports available - Shaun McKernan was absolutely outstanding, he was my best. Stewy was also very good up forward and Houla was on fire particularly early - and not just kicking goals. Jayden got a nasty corkie but did some good things.
Thatch was fantastic down back and spent a lot of time on Buzza who’s a good player, he was super impressive. Thought Mynott was sensational through the middle, while Longy was excellent around the ground and used it well. Lots of other very good players, but they were probably my standouts.

Quick note for a couple of VFL listed guys in Dale Marshall who I thought showed plenty, and Liam ‘Bluey’ McKenna who’s going to be a terrific pickup for us as a big strong bodied mid.


Thanks Paul…it’s great to get an inside view from the club.