2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval


Thanks to all who contributed. Today will be remembered as the day that Mozzie came to play.


For someone that lives 3 hrs away , these report are so greatly appreciated . Thanks DJR .


Thank you! Great reporting & special comments. Appreciated :clap::clap: Very excited about Mozzie & co.


Radio DJR on a freezing Melbourne day - footy is finally back


After all this Mo22ie excitment I’m gonna need a cigarette.


Did I interpret correctly. They gave Hartley a run forward?


Thanks radio @theDJR and co commentators. Good job.




I’ve heard of Mozzies causing eruptions, … but the erections thing is something new.


Clarke 2 is Z Clarke? He was pretty good today I must say. Very good at ground level for a big man and worked really hard. Was regularly lining up deep and either taking marks or bringing the ball to ground.

Gown was pretty quiet but moves really well. Long term project I think.

Mo22ie is really worth getting excited about. Clean, excelleraration and has those twisty, turny little steps that Cyril has. Don’t need to ask him where the goals are either because as soon as he’s got the ball within distance then it’s going through. We have been waiting for an MCG specialist for a while and I think we have found one.

Edit: Mutch had s typical Mutch game. Lots of it, used it well and ran all day. Our mids dominated around the contest.


Between the dewy conditions and wet season up north and with the time he has spent in Gippsland, I’m not surprised that Mozzie is proficient in wet conditions.


Mossie lined up a stkilda player and left him gasping for breath. He is not just an outside player. He is one of those players who creates. Things happen when he gets the ball. Wow.


50 metres.


Great reporting, two good wins hopefully the injuries aren’t too bad


Thanks team. It really is magic getting these vfl reports.
Injuries are always a bugger, but geez LAV! deserves a break (no pun intended).

nb. Go Mo22i


One farken handed.


Excellent thanks!!!

Clarke x 2 was meant to be both Clarke’s Dylan and Zac.


Of course :blush:

Rated D Clarke’s game highly.

Clearance after clearance and thought he used it well.

He’s a running machine.


Thanks hawks


Probably should mention Hocking game.

Does all those little things that go unnoticed.

Might have relinquished the captaincy this year but still a leader.