2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval

We should have gone straight home, @chris_64.

At least we saw one EFC team with brains (in the wet, too).


In hindsight should have kept Hocking and delisted Myers. One is useless the other is a game winner.

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I’m in Hobart, it’s been a magnificent few days :smile:

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By the time the selectors get around to selecting him for the ones he probably will have that problem


Why did we get rid of hocking?

There’s a link in the tweet for the match report.

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Nice shot of the hail from the EFC twitter:

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Better players included Gleeson (deep defender, lots of game time), Mutch got stacks of it, Redman (love the aggro but also some sweet kicking), Draper (der), Jok was busy on the wing, a good chaser and tackler, and not quite as much a ball-butcher as I’d been promised.

Liked my first view of 57 Dale Marshall in defence (barrel-chested mid-size), HepA on-ball, Nino was very good in the first half before fading, and The Gooch didn’t stand out as a recent import to footy.

But Mo22ie had most of the attention: the first goal was special and we all just looked at each other and started laughing and saying “fark Hawthorn!”

In the end, a quality team effort and we basically shut Sandy down all day.

And yowsers re: Hartley’s hair.


It’s a practice match I know, but that was actually a really good win. We’d lost 4 of our best players for the day by halfway through the second quarter, were challenged hard early and ran away convincing winners with some guys having to play unfamiliar roles.
Talking to the Doc after the game he described the day as an “all-timer” from a work perspective from them, so kudos to them too.

Bring on the season.


What a great day at the footy.

Thanks Sandy for sharing your awesome social club facilities with us. Was packed full of Essendon fans.


  1. Catching up with @nackers and being able to thank him for the great training reports.

  2. Seeing Mozzie make his debut

  3. Meeting Matty Dea



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Lol totally!


Was Redman on reduced minutes or do you think he is AFL ready?

As was I! Thanks for the intro, @Darli.

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I miss Hocking, hard as nails, could of been a good vice captain. Yea he is a limited footbaler, but good leadership skills, never givs up, hard at the ball

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Any update on the LAV and BZT injuries?

Nothing beyond yesterday sorry, I’m no longer around the club beyond my VFL game day role so don’t hear that kind of stuff before anyone else. I’m sure the club will release something after they’re assessed.

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Exactly. Mossie was copping a lot of snide niggle from Nick Hind in the second quarter. That pretty much stopped when Hocking intervened and got very physical with Hind.


We defended well in the first quarter against the wind. Then with the wind in the second we set up a press “wall” after each I50 that sandy just could not get past. The structure was superb. Redman, Gleeson, Hartley and McNiece implemented it. In the last quarter we were unable to set this up effectvely and had to defend from our back half. The same blokes repelled many Saints forward thrusts. I would say Gleeson needs 1 to 2 more games in the VFL b4 coming back into the AFL. redman, say, 1 more vfl game


That’s a perfect day for you Darli!

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