2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval


Thanks cuz.


First post guys.

Was at Sandy yesterday (sideways rain and hail f you don’t mind!) and have to agree that Mozzie was the good news story of the day-it looked like he was handling a different ball. Thought Jok was very good also-clean hands, good decision making and some big tackles. Given he is 6’4, I think we could do worse than give him a go at some stage.


JOK impressed me also.

Only the second time I have seen him but his footy smarts are way better than I thought they would be. His hand balling as you say was very good.

Once given space to run he is very quick.


We need a running machine in the wing for the seniors. Bring him in…


Did he make any of his usual 1-2 major blunders?

He is a seriously good prospect, I’d be happy to give him a solid patch in the seniors this year.


I wasn’t watching him the whole time but I was impressed with how vocal he was. He was directing traffic and looked like he was making a huge effort to set up the structures which ultimately set up the victory.

I didn’t see him go by foot a whole lot but his handballing was very impressive.

Well worth a rookie spot.


Surely he us worth a go with his versitility… he can literally play every position on the groubd… inckuding ruck.


I noticed this also. Good vision, quick thinking, several long flat handpasses to players out wide.

I didn’t see any blunders at all tbh.


For Mo22ie’s first goal start at the 41:25 throw-in. I’ve watched it a few times and I still can’t work out what the hell he’s doing, apart from getting closer and closer to goal.

Draper2Houlahan, start at 1:55:40


I can’t actually remember the last time in the seniors we had a big man take a grab in the centre, then kick it down for a pack mark in our forwardline :frowning:

Bring them in!


I like the fact that Draper took the mark then rushed back to take his kick


Mozzie looks just like that, you can see him zip in between two players like they’re stationary and kick the goal before they’d moved.


It’s a practice match and they show more team spirit than the AFL side in a big game.


Just watched that Mozzie goal.
I’d started to forget why I watch footy - thanks for the reminder.


Come along to a VFL game, it can remind you of the things you love about footy.