2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval


Gleeson reading the flight of the ball beautifully so far.

Looks good.


Would like to see Hartley take a shot at goal from the kick out this quarter.

The wind is that strong.


1 trails 2.5.17 at quarter time.

Dodoro literally says “too cold for me” and stays on the bench.

Bezerk Thatcher has the left ankle strapped.


Wind worth a lot more than 16 points!


Mo22ie warms up.




Come here to watch the footy. Not to eat the chips. Especially when they blow out of the cup.


Mo22ie starting his Essendon career in one minute.


Clarke at FF.


Mo22ie is bigger than I thought he would be.


Zerky - ankle injury
Iced & on crutches


Mo22ie HFF.


Probably just ice that naturally forms around any stationary object in these conditions.


2-17, trapped at our end.

Bezerk on crutches to room, ice on the ankle.


Hind gets stuck into Mo22ie, Hocking comes over and gives him a double fisted shove.

Lay off him Hind.


Obviously he should have brought an extra jacket.


Mo22ie picks it up off the deck 60 out and accelerates away- lace out to Hocking.


Smothers from Houlahan (name doesn’t autocomplete, must never get called) and McNeice.

Hocking juggled mark on hard lead. From forty, goal umpire DID NOT MOVE.



Zerka done ligaments to the inside of the ankle, has blown up immediately and he is quite upset. Essendon official doesn’t think it will be too bad or long term. All this was over heard in the Sandy social rooms


Ump gives Sandy free and fifty and goal. Dunno what for, possibly Draper was demonstrative.