2019 Practice Match v Sandringham 30th March 12.30 Sandringham Beach Oval


Clarke doesn’t believe in being front man at a ruck contest… or getting any taps.


Wow, Mo22ie what a goal


Great pickup then


Hawks have farked up here


Mozzie produces some magic to kick a nice snag



Bring him in.

Wow. Roves in the wet, dodges three, side snap to GOAL.


Bring in Draper and Mozzie


McNeice rushed point.



Hows Lav going


Ham from outside fifty, Hocking alone in the goal square but just watches it through.

21-23 at 12:48



Second ump over-rules to give Danny Younan a free for high/in the back.




Not a day for big men but I like the look of gown.

Great size.


Not to worry - Essendon will train the natural football gifts out of him. :wink:


26 players named, so still 6 left on the bench.


Sandy got the extra man waiting 15m out from goal.

Gown pushed in back in marking contest in pocket. Shank, on full.


Bombers hit the front.



They stuff up the clearance, ends up with Ham for his second goal.

26-23 we lead at 19 minutes. Smash them in the next ten, thanks.


Sun is out.


Mozzie got hugs and high fives when he came off being congratulated for his goal. He was wrapt