2020 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Just realised @TrevorBix said he is traveling today as well so not sure we will make much progress given he’s at pick 7.

Sorry was out in the car, I’ll be picking Lachie Ash (GWS) with my pick 6.


He was on here recently (a few hours ago) so I think we may be ok.

@TrevorBix, you’re up champ.

Is there a draft thread? I’m not sure who is gone yet.

Be interesting to see when the recycled players start getting picked up.


So far:

  1. Crazy Bomber - Matthew Rowell (Gold Coast Suns)
  2. Fogdog - Luke Jackson (Melbourne)
  3. maxx - Tom Green (Greater Western Sydney)
  4. Stoops - Noah Anderson (Gold Coast Suns)
  5. Vandrs - Dylan Stephens (Sydney)
  6. Crazy Bomber - Lachie Ash (GWS)

We will list the picks on Blitz here:

Welcome to mediocrity, and I don’t like the look of his head- Hayden young, Fremantle, pick 7. Can’t add it to other thread as CB farked it up

So you’re saying we will not get to pick 62 today (my first)?

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That’s actually a good pick. What’s going on?

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Wow everything I read talks about Serong as a mid forward yet UF have him as a pure mid only. I have taken him and will be hoping he plays forward to get some position flexibility.

@Windy_Dill is up now picking for @cafegerat

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Dill picks Matthew Broadbent


It would have been much more fun if he was picking for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well Wesley, I needed a defender and since Matt Shaw and the other Gold coast one didn’t work out I have a shortage of players with gross blond hair. Are you still in the league?


Very very pleased to get that at pick 10. It’s who I was hoping for when I traded Acres to Craze but wasn’t sure if he’d last that long. Hamstring injury in the preseason probably the only reason he was off a few early radars. He and Rozee should offer long term flexibility to the list and be good scorers.

Blake out may hurt this year but I simply couldn’t keep everyone I wanted.

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@Stoops is up.

Dylan Stephens has just booked a September holiday to Bali.


I told him too. Our side is strong enough to not need him in the Grand Final.

I have just emailed an updated version of the spreadsheet accounting for some of the changes pointed out in this thread.


Like the Gould pick