2020 BBFFL#2 Discussion

Welcome aboard Speedy.


Spreadsheet is out. Let me know if you have any issues.

Where do we get it from?

I sent it via email

Yup got it. Thanks.

Where do I find the draft order? and who has what picks?

I have just resent the spreadsheet - Zac Fisher is a keeper and John Noble is available. Let me know if you find any other issues.


My (birch19) first pick not until 34

Sack Dodoro

Thanks for the invite gents.


Got it. Cheers

So the draft can continue now? Up to pick 4? @Stoops

The draft is set to start tomorrow at 11:30 Melb time. Happy to move it forward if people are ready to draft. I will set the limit at 6 hrs per pick initially until we get rolling.

Also please remember to post any LTI list requests so we can allocate you a pick post draft. @saladin please confirm the cut off.

No reason it can’t. We should post picks in the draft order thread so they don’t get lost. I will put the picks into UF until we go live.

Good idea to get the draft moving now for sure as long as the timer can be suspended over night.

The settings are for the draft to run from 8:30am until 10pm - which means the clock stops on your pick during that time.


Will pick a bit later today after I’ve had a look at the spreadsheet


Lti requests to be submitted via PM by midnight tonight. I may not respond until tomorrow morning, I’m out and about this arvo.

I’ll then issue a draft order for the lti picks to be taken at completion of the main draft.

Remember, only players in your keepers who were also on your list at season close are eligible. If you traded them in, they are not eligible.

8 week injury/illness prognosis from today (or “indefinite” for some circumstances) is the minimum requirement.

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Feels like a deeper draft this year. Few names I would have glady paid a pick in the 60s for. At least one I did offer a pick in the 60s for. Have to wonder whether that pm went through and in kicking myself for having missed the trade dead line. Oh well

@redbull Chayce Jones was a keeper of mine but is in the draft list

As is Ely Smith

Ok sorry I will have a look and fix the spreadsheet. Give me an hour

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