2020 Board Election

There is an upcoming election for two places on the Essendon Board. If you are happy with the current Board’s performance then you do not need to do anything. If not then I encourage members to vote. Typically only 4% of members vote. This means your vote will have a big impact on the outcome. I believe we need new faces to drive change and I have put myself forward for election.

Like many members I am so disappointed with Essendon’s performance on and off the field over the past 15 years. I can only conclude that leadership from the top is our problem. I find it ironic that our Board is now conducting a “brutally honest” review to find out the problems. I expect an in-touch Board should already know the Club’s problems.

We have connected, business people and past players and a coach on the Board. I just think we need some grass roots members to provide a more balanced profile. People who have the time and energy to immerse themselves in the Club. This is difficult for Directors who are on multiple Boards.

Sitting “outside the fence” it is hard to gauge the exact problems inside the Club. But if I am elected I will find out. I won’t need a review to tell me.

I live close to the Hangar in Tullamarine. I will be able to visit often and mix with players and staff and see things for myself. Not just attend the monthly Board meeting.

I would like to see more open and transparent communication with members and the Club more accepting of member feedback. I would like to see open days at Tullamarine where members can tour the facilities and perhaps meet some players. Also some open training days that enhance the connection with members.

Naturally, I want to see an improvement on the football field. Whether we win or lose, that we are hard at the ball and don’t give up. The wins will then come. We have a good young team with some handy early picks in the draft. Combined with a new coach and greater support I’m confident it is a foundation for moving up the ladder where we belong.

Garry Vistarini


What do you mean if you are happy with the current Boards performance you don’t need to do anything? So… only those who are dissatisfied should vote? That is weird logic… if that actually happened the ‘happy’ ones preferred candidates would lose.
Who are the the businessmen, ex players and coach you have on-board? What skills do you have that makes you a good candidate for EFC Board position?
Who are you standing against?

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Hi Garry,

Welcome to the madhouse that is Bomberblitz.

You will find that a lot of posters in here share your frustrations with the club and its performance over recent years but what is it that you specifically think you can bring to help turn that around?

What is your background in terms of being an Essendon supporter/member?

What qualifications do you have to sit on the board?


Can you imagine the clubs reaction if both Gary and Gai are elected? Could be a good thing!

Early days, but this has all the hallmarks of…


Nice to hear from you Garry.

There’s a big Bomber following on Twitter. Not sure if you are on there?

Hi Swoodley.

I am currently the Chief Financial Officer of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria). The Trust is a public company and not for profit. I’ve held other senior financial roles across large corporates and medium sized manufacturers. I’ve reported to Boards for much of my working life.

I’ve been an Essendon supporter all my life. Grew up in Niddrie next suburb to Essendon. I was passionate at an early age, queueing up overnight at Windy Hill for finals tickets as a 12 year old in the late 60’s. Junior member for a long time. Had a period of AFL membership and then back to direct Essendon membership for the last 30 years.


I’m incredibly frustrated with current leadership of the club(although Brasher is showing some promising first steps).

However it seems all the change candidates are talking about membership engagement and grass root participation. To be clear I do not care about these things at all. I want one thing which is for this club to be playing regularly in finals and winning them. That’s it.

Candidates need to tell me how they can get the club winning, the more specific the better. I’m open to any and all ideas as past history suggests we have issues.

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Fantastic mate. What do you know about running a football club (as distinct from the financing of same)? From reading the above it would appear you know fark all about it.

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No need to say things like that. I welcome anyone putting their hand up, even if i don’t end up voting for them. The more canditates the better.


Whatever it takes!

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Garbage. We need candidates who can have some influence on the football playing side of the club (ie Paul Cousins type). We are already well run from a financial perspective so no need for another bean counter.

The Board doesn’t influence the playing style.


Obviously. They do the finances well but have no influence on the football operations of the club. That’s the problem.

i couldn’t imagine any sporting club playing at any level in any code in the world would benefit from having the board exert a stronger influence over on-field management


Hello Blitzers
GAI Williams here-another Board candidate.
My vision for the EFC Is to always be:
Focussed on competitive powerful on-field performances, specific player recruitment and player development.
Aspiring to play finals and win premierships.
United in purpose off the field.
Prioritising member engagement and feedback.
Publicly responding to criticism of our club reputation, players and supporters.
Helping the Bomber Squad to be loud and proud for our team.
Encouraging players to interact with supporters by visiting all parts of the ground post match.
Delivering a supporter experience on interstate trips.
Attempting to deliver the majority of member functions at affordable prices.
Above all establishing a strong and positive culture by encouraging passion, pride and loyalty in the red and black.
That is what I stand for!


Imagine unironically wanting the board to dip their toes into playing matters.



Exactly. They need to fund the [football] department, allow it to evolve, appoint the right people and let them do their jobs, have appropriate performance review and control systems in place - but this is all at the managerial level and not on-field or engaging within the football department.

The candidates are right in focusing on revenue and marketing and fan connection and financial performance as that is where they can make a difference.


Good luck with it, we need some new blood on the board.

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Absolutely agree and I am sure that is why Sheeds was put into that casual vacancy to start that process.

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