2020 List changes

Whilst we all want a major clean out. What are the realistic list changes for 2020?

Z Clarke


at least have the decency to pot these players in their own threads. this thread is an after bye prospect.

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Not sure how Mutch finds himself on your list?
Other than a severe Hammy I wouldnt have thought he’s done anything wrong


I would rather replace Mutch with somebody with upside personally.

Not sure how we can accommodate a treacle slow midfielder with no real standout qualities.

He’s a good honest footballer but severely lacks penetration in his kicking.

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add clarke to that, neither have outstanding weapons that apply to the current game.

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I would retain Clarke


Myers, Baguley to retire
Delist Long and McNiece no doubt
Hartley and Houlihan must be on thin ice

Unfortunately stuck with Zaharakis.

Reckon there will be a couple of players who want out, preferring to play for a successful Club.

With no first round pick maybe there may be some hidden gems at around pick 123 in the draft.

Worsfold, Harvey, Skipworth, the Corrigans would be a good start


The whole nonplaying football department staff has gotta go, except Dan Jordan and James Kelly.

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So pure cloggers out, late picks in.

We’re not getting much better next year then.

I maintain that Mulch is great for gardening and have no idea what he’s doing on such a list really.


Unfortunately we need to be aggressive and that’s not to suggest copying our previous few seasons on the trade table.
We need to trade out some bigger names to get back into this draft.
I haven’t got the answer as to who but no matter what, fans won’t be satisfied.
Possibly Hooker (personally not a fan but do see his importance)
We need leaders, how do you obtain that??

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Trade or delist all the saga guys. They are cooked.

Fire zaka, Myers and Baguley from a cannon.

Instate Saad as captain. McKenna vice captain.

Delist Xavier, dodoro, Worsfold, Crowe and basically start from scratch. Everyone from the saga must be removed.

Starting centre line next year is Draper, parish, McGrath and McKenna.

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Precisely game has gone past his type of midfielder. Also not versatile unfortunately, midfield or bust

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Reckon we may pick up WOB in the Nov draft.


All Blitzers will hate this idea…shop Daniher around for 2 First Round picks. I love him, and he is a bona fide potential match winner BUT I’m really worried about his reliability now. If he still has big currency, I would look at seeing what could come our way. He’s 26 before the start of the season, and may only have 3 or 4 decent seasons left. It’s callous and cold (and many will say deluded on my part) and he has Bomber royalty in his blood, but cold and callous list management is what this club needs.


Dont disagree with this notion.
We probably had to do this post saga with one of Hooker or Hurley, Zaharakis and also most of the players who were banned to bring in early draft picks and start a ground up rebuild in 2017.
Personally i was rapt at the time these guys stuck around and re-signed and also rapt the club did the right thing but im a warm and fuzzy type supporter. Sadly you cant build a flag-winning list by being a warm and fuzzy type

We need leaders so you’re gonna trade one of the few of our players who is looked up to as a leader?

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In Marlion Pickett, Kysiah Pickett, Adam Tippa, Ben Sokol, Riley Bowman

Out Baguley, Long, Mutch, Hartley, Houlahan.

Z Clarke
J Long

Trade bait if we could get anything: