2020 List changes

Houlihan will be lucky to remain


We should also only recruit elite kicks into the club.


That’s special.


Most clubs would likely delist him, however we rarely cut our loses early.

Z Clarke

Lavenders already gone

Maybe Houlahan but hes looking like hes improving in the vfl. On the fence with him.

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Just coach and assistants that’s the problem

Your probably right.

2019 Retirements, delistings, trades:

  • Mark Baguley (ret)
  • David Myers (ret)
  • David Zaharakis (trd)
  • Zachary Clarke (del)
  • Matthew Dea (del)
  • Ben McNiece (del)
  • Jake Long (del)
  • Luke Lavender (ret)
  • Aaron Francis (trd)
  • Kobe Mutch (del)
  • Dylan Clarke (del)

Coaching & Administration changes:

  • John Worsfold
  • Rob Harding
  • Mark Harvey
  • Hayden Skipworth
  • Paul Corrigan
  • Mark Corrigan
  • Luke Ball
  • Lindsay Tanner
  • Adrian Dodoro
  • Justin Crow
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Perfect Saucy - do you work? if not congratulations you are the new EFC Chairman of Selectors.


u make a fair point there

No one is going to take someone who has busted groin issues and give us 2 first round picks.

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Not that I’m advocating it but Hawks might

Your impression of some may differ to mine.
Just because a player has been around for a while doesn’t make him a good leader

What 4? Are we going into pole vaulting or high jumping, maybe Essington basketball team?
He can’t kick for peanuts, let him stay in the twos.


Dylan Clarke and Kobe Mutch stay though

They are good players just miss managed and lack the proper development.

A good coach would have both playing seniors by now

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His kicking is not as bad as people make out.

Just looks ugly.

butchers the ball about the same rate as Parish

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Surely his kicking can’t be as bad as the skippers


We have many poor kicks unfortunately.

I would like to see what Clarke can do over the remainder of the season.

If he’s not up to it then cut him.

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Based on the weekends observation, Clarke’s kicking was not as bad as I thought it would be. He can run all day, both ways, and gets the ball.

I would be very surprised if he doesnt play a block of games starting this week.