2020 Round 3 non-Essendon (der) games - 17 cooked clubs for $9.95

  • Richmond should rinse hawthorn
  • FC should be 0-3 (again), Geelong will murder them
  • North and Port could be 3-0

Could be another fun round of footy.

Crows, Dogs and FC would want a win. 0-3 in a 17 gamer and you are COOKED


Tigers hot favourites over Hawks
Expect Giants to bounce back and account for Dogs
North in good form will tip to defeat Sydney
Pies defeat saints
Cats slaughter blues
Lions Eagles should be a good match
suns to beat crows
Ess 3rd v 14th demons and betting market is even $1.90 each still no respect.
Should account for the Dees.
Port most likely win again vs Freo at Metricon.

Might be a little bit of early pressure added to debut season coaches

  • Teague, Nicks & Longmuir could all be 0-3
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Reckon of the 0-2 teams the crows are the worst of the bunch. Barely gave a wimper in each game.

Tex is beyond cooked. Id be dropping him

You’d be stiff to be sacked as a coach this year.

I’ll be tipping two non favourites this week I think

Freo to beat Port.
Saints to beat Collingwood.

Fair call. They’d both be a chance

Dogs next 3 are GWS, Bin Chickens (away) and North. If they don’t watch themselves they could be 0-5.

Hope Giants flog the Bulldogs like they did in the final minnow of a club that stays afloat due to power teams like Tigers,Pies,Essendon

Im genuinely interested to see how this is going to go. Matt Rowell could have a field day in the centre. while the Crows are struggling 2016 Essendon style…

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You’d think Suns will win this one. Crows haven’t hit rock bottom yet.

That being said, they’ve already sacked their coach. What other options do they have to properly reset?


They need to go a hard rebuild. I’d consider trading Tex Walker, I’d shop the Crouch brothers around and see what you can get for them. Problem is, there’s very little on the list currently that you can see as a key plank for the future. They are probably the furthest away from being in the window of opportunity. They just have to take their medicine, go to the draft over the next few years and get some elite young talent through the door.

Surely Walker has no trade value.


He’s 30 now so yeah, his currency wouldn’t be great, but you’d free up some cap space. There’s nothing there that excites you. Milera is a good player, I’d love him at EFC, but outside of that who else, Fogarty? The cupboard is very bare. They’ll be bottom 4 this year, but the pain is still to come over the next 3-4 years. Nicks needs to have a mandate for resetting the culture of the place. Problem is, the SA media won’t give them that luxury. A bit like if the Eagles are no good in Perth, it’s just blanket coverage on how bad they are, etc.

Is Walker still captain?

I honestly think Walker would retire if it came to that.
I don’t know where he is on his contract, but he wouldn’t leave Adelaide.

I think the Crows floated one of the Crouch Bros last year and were very disappointed with his trade value.

Even to offload Walker for cap space you’d need someone who wanted him. Who’d take him? The contenders all have better forward options, and no-one in the bottom half of the comp wants to take on salary cap for a guy whose on-field value right now is minimal and who will be retired in a year or so. I mean, Walker was a solid player in his day but he’s not Hodge or James Kelly.

Agree there’s not a lot else though. O’Brien, Smith - they can play. But there’s not enough good players that you can afford to lose one as tradebait.


Stepped down last year. Sloane is now.


Dusty out gives the hawks a sniff.

That and they won’t be as bad as last week again