2020 round 4 vs Fark Carlton - here’s the team

Backs: 10. Aaron Francis, 26. Cale Hooker, 18. Michael Hurley
Half-backs: 42. Adam Saad, 27. Mason Redman, 14. Jordan Ridley
Centre: 12. Tom Cutler, 7. Zach Merrett, 11. David Zaharakis
Half-forwards: 5. Devon Smith, 40. Will Snelling, 43. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Forwards : 25. Jake Stringer, 44. Shaun McKernan, 20. Jacob Townsend
Followers: 2. Tom Bellchambers, 1. Andrew McGrath, 9. Dylan Shiel
Interchange: 8. Martin Gleeson, 3. Darcy Parish, 4. Kyle Langford, 13. Orazio Fantasia
Emergencies: 34. Andrew Phillips, 35. Matt Guelfi, 29. Patrick Ambrose, 33. Brayden Ham

In: Fantasia, Gleeson

Out: Heppell (ankle), Guelfi (omitted)


Ham is an emergency

Bit weird but good for Marty.

He deserves a chance to try and make his mark again. He will provide running power on the big open spaces of the G and he’s a smart hardworking footballer so I’m sure he’ll look to reward the selectors.

Love the Razzle. Bring it Raz!


So wait, is Mckenna still in?

Ham can feel bloody unlucky.


Reckon its looking at the Sydney game as the reference for ins and outs.

It looks like they are ignoring last week’s team altogether and basing the ins and outs on the week prior.


Half-forwards: 5. Devon Smith, 40. Will Snelling, 43. Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti



What does ambrose and ham need to do to get in this team


Ins and Outs since last time they met:

Essendon INS: Shiel, Stringer, Fantasia, Smith, Ridley, Cutler, Townsend, Gleeson, Snelling
Essendon OUTS: Heppell, Clarke, Guelfi, McKenna, Begley, Baguley, McNeice, Ambrose, Laverde

Carlton INS: Simpson, Jones, Docherty, Murphy, Newnes, Martin, McGovern, Betts, Pittonet, Williamson, Philp
Carlton Outs: Kreuzer, Newman, C Curnow, Dow, McKay, Marchbank, Fisher, Lang, Kennedy, Stocker, Fasolo

Interesting fact: Every Carlton player who scored except Gibbons 1 behind is out from the last game.


Yep Snelling retains his spot at CHF.
I must admit I was doubtful when they replaced him with Merrett for the Melbourne game.


Forward pressure!

Ham is stiff as!

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So Orazio gets injured and misses the Collingwood game again?


Break into zaka’s place during the game and find those bloody photos


Dropping Guelfi is a good decision and sends a message to the rest of the squad. I like him but he contributes very little going forward and you just can’t afford to have to many of those types.

The difficult thing for him now is proving that he’s got a place in the side when there is no reserves comp and no physical hitout during the week at training.

Let’s see if some of the more senior players that aren’t contributing get the same treatment over the coming weeks.


You can’t say anyone is stiff.

There is no VFL at the moment, so if they haven’t played seniors how do we know what kind of form if any they are in.


Any news on a ressies scratch match?

and what happens if there is no vfl season for the whole year ?
are you only going to drop players from the starting 22 who get injuries ?

like it or not, this year you are gong to have to pick players on intensity at training v form in the seniors, otherwise you’ll never pick anyone new cos no one outside the 25 atm will have a chance to prove anything.


Has anyone watch philp play?
Could he play againest Fantasia or Tippa