2020 round 4 vs Fark Carlton - here’s the team

I hope Ham does come in for Cutler late. I am all in for Brayden Ham, going to he a joy to watch as he matures.



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Game Day. It’s go time.


Let the match day ritual commence.

Let’s RINSE these mtherfckers !


Too strong ?

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I think not strong enough :wink:

Has it been confirmed injury?

Apparently had been some tweets calf related from Sam Edmund. I’m not on Twitter.

Hopefully just a corkie

I think this game will be decided by our forward line’s ability to apply that manic pressure - especially on Simpson & Docherty - and hit those 25m lead up targets.

If we can really sharpen up forward of the ball and put some serious effort into negating Cripps (or at least hurt him the other way), we should be able to handle their forwards.

Saad will go to Betts and I suspect Gleeson or Redman will get first crack at Martin (assuming he plays forward). I’m not particularly worried about their talls, as I think we have them covered.

Ed Curnow is underrated and IMO is one of the best defensive mids in the game - he’ll likely go to Shiel or Merrett, so we’ll need our other mids switched on and ready to block and help create some space.

This is honestly my most-hated team and especially given the week we’ve just had, I really hope we fkn bury them.

I’m not convinced by Townsend’s one good game back in March but I’m cheering for him to prove me wrong, snag a couple of goals and properly hurt some carnts. I reckon Zaha will bounce back as well - he loves playing this mob.

Stringer, Walla & Raz to kick 10 between them.

GO DONS. :heart::black_heart:


43 point win.

It’ll be a curb stomping


It’s missing Davey

Obviously we are a kpf down but it’s probably our best pressure fwd group ever seen

In particular. TIPPA. Smith. Raz. Snelling. Townsend.

With Smack & Stringer rounding out the 7 fwd’s who will still look to tackle as well.

So yeah hopefully we keep it trapped in their backline as we’ve seen over the start of season they will crack, have 18th ranked defence IIRC.


Carlton will not stand up under pressure.


I agree. Now all we gotta do is bring it.

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realyl hard to predict the game tnight got no idea, blues are a decent side and will be competitive we havent really beaten anyone but have played well