2020 round 4 vs Fark Carlton - here’s the team

30 minute quarters too

I’d hate to see your post if we lose!!! :open_mouth:


The week he has had I just think something big might be coming

It comes down to how much Bellchambers really cares.

He plays one of his lackadaisical games, ultra lazy games (as distinct from his normally lazy game) then even a very average ruckman like Pittonet will take him to the cleaners, give Cripps first use of the ball and the Blues will win.



it’s okay i usually cop a ban by the 2nd qtr <3

lol. I can see why. Take it easy man. Not worth the heart attack…especially this year.
In any case definitely agree with you re Zaka. If Richmond (and most other teams) can drop their senior players, why can’t we. Zaka is long overdue for a rest.

Yep. That’s really what I was saying.

This gotta be a poss take. Shortest HF like I’m living memory.

So…we’re not?


Bellchambers should really destroy Pionett but cant see it happening he comes out for Philips next week

You haven’t been paying attention this year, have you?

Round 1: Fantasia Snelling Smith
Round 2: Smith Snelling TIPPA
Round 3: Smith Merrett TIPPA
Round 4: Smith Snelling TIPPA


tend to agree.
it was either he lied about the state of the list
thought it had potential, and wanted to cull the ageing players over multiple years in theory to ease the transition.

Whereas seems like dimma’s theory was just gut it in one foul swoop and start again.
looking back may not have been the bad choice, less players to undermine you when they see the writing on the wall.

Tend to agree about the rest re knights, look at the calibre of players moved on before or during his reign.
Hird left just before he took over
Mark johnson traded
by the end of 08 had to move on
Jason johnson
by the end of 09

That is a fair chunk of senior ageing players who were apart of the best side (bar pev) from any one season, who were sadly on the decline by that stage, and knew the writing was on the wall.

Whoever took over was never gonna have any real chance of success, let alone keep their job, the simple fact was, in alot of peoples eyes he just wasn’t sheedy, so he was afforded lil to no luxury.

Funny how with hindsight, how different would the club be today, if instead of fearing a few players leaving, albeit club royalty names, if they backed him in, even if he had failed after say 5 years.

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Play the kids. We need to get games into them and I’m not that concerned about the outcome of 2020. Yeah of course I’ll take a flag but given it’s unlikely and the GF will be in front of a bunch of security guards I’d like to see the young‘uns rotated through the side.

We are going to Fucken kill FARKCARLTON… in the praccy match. Dyl Clarke will stop their best midfielder


I actually loved the Knights fast paced footy, we were the mst exciting team to watch

it was a pity lovett wasn’t committed, if he was we’d have been there abouts

it’s funny cos i reckon the richmond gamestyle, and from what we’ve seen this year ours too now, is pretty much the same run and gun football from back then.
There’s just better coverage defensively for it with richmonds era.

The hand balls go forward though not sideways to support runners

Was great to watch but then we got scored on the rebound so quickly when a turnover happened lost count how many coast to coast goals the oppo kicked when we turned it over. It was a terrible game plan the definition of down hill skiing.

Once Stewart gets out of iso we should put him in the team

HF: Smith Stewart Walla
FF: Stringer McKernan Fantasia

That’s unless if Joe is ready

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