2020 trades speculation

With the covid-19 contracts cessation lifted and now clubs can start locking down players and looking for new ones who does Essendon need to be looking at end of year or even look at getting rid of? We obviously need to stock up our forwards situation but theres been talk on ollie wines and ben brown being linked to essendon so far.

Obviously it will revolve around daniher staying or going but i did see a blitzer post on here a couple weeks ago saying he heard a rumor that daniher will be extending his contract for a year. (hope its true)

Would love to hear your opinions! This is a really important trade season coming up for Adrian dodoro in my opinion we need to start getting some proper depth into our forward line.

If we could do a direct trade with fantasia for wines i would be happy with that but im not aware of where our salary cap is at either.

With ben brown i wouldnt mind him either as hes a proper tall forward that knows how to lead, although out of form currently he could benefit from coming to a new team. We just need someone who can kick 50-60 goals a year consistently and i believe that will move us from a middle of the road team to that 4th to 1st spot.

There were a couple other players iv heard being link to essendon but havnt looked into them much, i think there was a guy called 2 meter pete and some “brand” guy? Anyway hit us up with what you think! cheers

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Let’s cross to our 2MP correspondent in the 2MP beige thunders, @scotty21


Thinking outside the box here, but how about instead of recruiting a tall forward we recruit every single tall defender in the league.

That way we can keep our midget squad and simultaneously have enough key defenders to account for the fact we average 1 suspension and 1 injury per round.


Our priority should be keeping our own important players IMO, such as Saad, Ridley etc.


For sure, thats a given but we really do need to fix the forward line. I reckon our backline and centre are pretty good but the forward line is shocking.

Retain Joe & get him fit enough to play?


Our luck with injuries has been that bad hey and i was surprised langford got suspended i didnt think anything of it

If Daniher leaves. We’ll get a first round Compensation pick… that gives us 2 first round picks.

If he stays… Fantastic. We just won’t have salary cap space to recruit another player.

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Our forward line is in way worse shape than our midfield.

We could trade in all the mids on offer and it wouldn’t make much difference.

It needs to be the priority.

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Doubtful IMO


We need to get our heads around the fact we won’t.

He hasnt played in three years nobody will offer him a big contract.


Im with you mate, we really cant rely on townsend and mckernan ect… its such a ■■■■ show

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Compensation picks are based on Wage?

I’m trading this to the trades board, for free.


Sorry man still figuring it out, only been on here for 5-6 months lol

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In: Cyril Rioli out of retirement to add to our small forwardline Brigade.

Hf: Cahill Snelling Mosquito
F: Rioli Fantasia McDonald-Tipungwuti

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Exactly, you think an opposition club is paying big dollar and long term deal for Joe?

Can’t see another club offering Joe a decent contract unless he comes back and shows something. There is just too much risk taking a player who has missed almost 3 seasons, especially with likely cap issues caused by COVID.

It might play in our favour if he plays fewer or not any games as other clubs will be less likely to take the risk. Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway.


Joe will stay. He’s not getting any big offers off anyone. The 1yr extension and prove he can play out a full season only way he is getting another juicy contract from us or elsewhere

He’s also over the OP issues & would have confidence in our fitness team which was the crux of him wanting to leave anyway. Happy again and also living out of the Melb bubble in Daylesford.