2021 All australian Team - essendon player chances

This is just a bit of discussion about which Essendon players we think might make the All australian team

the mid season afl team is below

please vote one or two most likely efc players to get a AA guernsey.

  • Jake stringer
  • Zach Merrett
  • Darcy Parish
  • Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
  • Nick Hind
  • Jordan Ridley

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i’d pick string, parish, merrett and ridley. tippa was in the conversation but his form has fallen off to significantly.

i think weitering’s season is overrated to be honest. hasn’t even dragged them close to being in finals.

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It’s hard to break into the midfield in the AA.

I’m concerned that they’ll over look Parish…. Because they rarely pick a bloke that hasn’t previously been picked in the squad of 40… in previous years.

I doubt that Ridley will be picked…… they’d prefer a higher profile player.


Parish, Merrett and Stringer are our 3 chances.

I can’t see them picking Ridley given that there are so many other guys in the comp who play that role incredibly well (Stewart, Haynes, Lever etc) and secondly he was probably just below his best for a month or so after he copped that concussion.



Merrett, Parish & Stringer will all make it.

Ridley & Walla will miss out.

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I reckon they will only pick one of Parish and Merrett.


Stringer and Merrett are lock-ins with Parish a near certainty. IMO the 3 deserve to be in the AA team with Ridley in the AA Squad but just missing out. Finals performances could ultimately decide the issue.

lav should be in the discussion for the squad of 40


No Essendon player will make it this year.


I reckon it depends on whether we make finals, and how we go.

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Just one Essendon player.

Rance (c).


probably fair enough, but given they already had 4 key defenders in earlier in the year, left him out.
plus Ridley has B&F behind him plus 2 years work, plus can play tall/small.

Hind has been talked about a lot more than Laverde in Media, mostly due to Saad deal I guess. I really rate him. but first year noticed as well so unlikely. Think he will be top 5 B&F

BT and another commentator were commending Stewart for his defensive performance in a contest and year to date, but it was actually Laverde.

We’ll have 3 squad of 40 locks:


An outside chance of making the squad:


Parish and Merrett both make the team of 18 and Stringer off the bench imo.

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Merrett has to be in the team.

I’m in the camp that Merrett’s season has been better than Parish’s it’s just Parish’s rise from 2020 version is so much greater.

But in reality Merrett has been AA standard now for 5 years and I feel he’s gone up a level this year.


At least Stringer will get in based on goals kicked as Mid/forward.

But they will only pick one of Parish/Merrett IMO.

I would have Parish in front of Libba, WInes and Oliver
Maybe Merrett squezes onto the bench.

Parish definitely

Merrett Interchange definitely

Tippa get small pocket his form prior to last month has been sensational

Stringer very close very very close.

I’d go for -

Laird May Lever
Whitfield Stewart Short

Petracca M King Stringer
Toby G McKay Papley

Bont, Walsh, Merrett, Oliver, Parish, Miller, Steele, Wines, McClugg

King selection is premature, but I don’t think Hawkins or McKay can play CHF.

Merrett over Parish for me, Can’t see 2 Essendon mids in considering how good the mids have been league wide, also I think Jake should make it, one more big game this week and he’s in.


Sorry but his form has been off All Australian pace since round 12 (inclusive). That’s half the year. Way too long to even think about All Australian. Probably one, maybe two maximum, semi decent games since then.

Up until then he was absolutely in a rolling All Australian team.

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If i did the forwardline

Hf: Stringer Dixon Fritsch
F: Hawkins McKay C Cameron
Int: Greene