2021 Draft Watch

Think this is the first thread I’ve been able to create on blitz so thanks everyone for not starting this one before me :joy:

Well here are my early rankings for a draft I feel is going to be very strong especially at the top end with some real potential stars of the competition.


Im going to pick Matthew Johnson as the random 18 year old i will become overly attached too

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Give me Draper from South Adelaide. The last one worked out pretty well.


He is Archie Perkins but better, I would have taken him with 6/7/8 without question


6’4" midfielder. Why not?

Father sons look to be Tex Wanganeen, Alex Hird, Josh Misiti, Nyawi Moore.

Breyben Tipiloura and Jordan Bourke are the NGA options.

I assume that Max Fletcher isn’t an option as he’s Brand and Eyre’s age.

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1 pick in the top 40 for us…correct?

There’s gonna be plenty of Victorian boys who come out of nowhere, it’ll certainly make selecting the state rep squads very interesting.

As long as we can find a KPD in there!


“X player really hits a need for us, as since Joey left we have needed a key forward. To be honest we were shocked they were still on the board at our pick. We can focus on other areas in coming drafts”

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At this point, yes.

Horne and Murley please

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North will get Horne. I don’t think they will win a game next year.


A 2 minute package doesn’t do him justice. I’ve seen a hell of a lot of his games over the years and he is class.


thats from 1 game. his debut higlights.

Genuine freak. Started playing league maybe half way through this year & will have another season against men in ‘21.


No point getting your hopes up on Horne, we won’t end up with the 1st pick no matter how bad we are.

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We have Clarke and Gleeson…woweee.
What happened to Lockyer?

Now that’s a very very impressive highlights package. Doesn’t look like a kid at all.

And yes impressive last goal - and of course the opposition had to be wearing a black-red jumper.

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