2021 draftees

I haven’t really been paying attention to the VFL so I am wondering about some blokes that were drafted in 2021.

They are: Patrick Voss, Alastair Lord and Garrett McDonagh. Voss is a tall forward and god knows we need someone who can get the ball and kick goals upforward (assuming it gets delivered to them). Garrett McDonagh is supposed to be a backman and we certainly need defenders and I’m not sure about Lord.

Can so,done she’d some light on their progress?

It may take a few minutes but read the 6 or so VFL match day threads and scroll to the last 30-50 posts of each - those who watched usually post good summaries.

I’m summary, Voss has made a splash but is physically ready so not unexpected, and still has a bit to work on. Lord has shown some very good glimpses but goes quiet a bit, and McDonagh has made less of an impact than you’d like for a 25 yo.


Voss has certainly looked the most impressive, but he’s out for an extended period of time with a foot injury.

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Voss looked like a potential inclusion until a recent injury, jack of all trades master of none but tough at the ball and wouldn’t be overawed. McDonough looks miles off it with poor disposal and being a panic merchant, whilst Lord looks skinny and struggles to find the ball and I’d doubt he get near a game all year. So wouldn’t expect a game from any of them any time soon.

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Haven’t seen Voss play live, so nothing to add.

McDonagh isn’t being used - or at least isn’t in form - to use his reputed strengths. The last quarter of last week saw some improvement imo, started to get the ball on the move and used his kicking offensively rather than stop start. I don’t think he’s ever going to be a great one-on-one close defender, so use his kicking weapons or waste him.

Lord has excellent agility and acceleration , he’s had some good highlights dashing through congestion and looks pretty decent by foot but weighs about 47 kilograms and not yet a big possession winner. Looks promising in patches, I think there’s a future player here .

Voss wouldn’t be far off Baldwin or Francis imo

But the VFL side is the bottom team.

Nope 15th out of 21 and won 7 of last 8 or 9.

He literally wrote that in May