2021 FF Original Discussion Thread

Hi everyone and welcome to a new season.

I hope everyone managed to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating break. Covid has been a particularly stressful time for many, so if anybody doesn’t wish to continue in the league, please let either myself or Crazy Bomber know ASAP.

Here are the positions for the new draftees:

As half of the draft class didn’t play last year, we have the fewest amount of pure C amongst the class, as few players predominantly play midfield in their bottom year.

Allison, Matt F
Angwin, Ryan FB
Bedendo, Dominic FC
Berry, Sam FC
Borlase, James # B
Bowey, Jake FC
Brand, Cody FB
Brockman, Tyler F
Bruhn, Tanner C
Campbell, Braeden FC
Carroll, Jack C
Carruthers, Malachy # B
Chapman, Heath B
Chugg, Isaac # CB
Coleman, Blake FC
Colina, Mate # R
Cook, Brayden FC
Cox, Nikolas FB
Davies, Alex C
Downie, Connor CB
Durdin, Corey FC
Edwards, Luke CB
Eyre, Josh F
Fleeton, Cameron B
Ford, Eddie F
Fyfe, Aiden # CB
Ginnivan, Jack # F
Goldsack, Tyson # B
Grainger-Barras, Denver B
Gulden, Errol FC
Henry, Oliver FB
Highmore, Tom B
Hollands, Elijah FC
Holmes, Max C
Jeffrey, Joel FB
Jones, Lachie B
Laurie, Bailey FC
Lazzaro, Charlie FC
Lord, Ollie F
Macrae, Finlay C
McCreary, Beau F
McDonald, Logan F
McInnes, Reef CB
McMahon, Liam F
McNeil, Lachie # FC
Menadue, Connor # CB
Michael, Carter # B
Mitchell, Seamus FC
Neale, Shannon R
Newchurch, Tariek # FC
Nicholls, Rhys # CB
O’Driscoll, Nathan CB
Oea, Hewago Paul # F
Parks, Luke # B
Pedlar, Luke FC
Perkins, Archie FC
Phillips, Will C
Poulter, Caleb FC
Powell, Tom C
Reid, Zach B
Rioli, Maurice jr F
Rosman, Fraser FC
Rowe, James F
Ryan, Samson R
Saunders, Jack # FC
Schofield, Taj # FC
Sharp, Harry C
Shaw, Will # CB
Sheather, Marc # FB
Smith, Henry FR
Spicer, Phoenix FC
Stevens, Nick B
Stone, Conor FB
Thilthorpe, Riley FR
Treacy, Josh # F
Trew, Zane # C
Tsapatolis, Paul # R
Ugle-Hagan, Jamarra F
Uosis, Deividas # B
Walker, Brandon B
Walker, Patrick # CB
Wehr, Jacob B
Western, Joel FC
Winder, Isiah FC

Key Dates:
If people want trading to begin, get your position polls back to Craze.

Trading begins: Friday February 12 OR as soon as every position poll is returned to Craze.

Trading Ends: Thursday March 4 @ 7.10pm AEDT

Only draft picks from this draft are eligible to be traded.

Unfortunately Covid continues to impact as weeks 1 & 2 of the pre-season have been cut, so there will be only 1 official game each.

As the AFL has randomly scheduled a Labour Day game where there originally wasn’t one, and we’ve always allowed teams to view at least 1 game from each AFL side before keepers are due, this creates issues.

So I’m flexible as to what people want here:

Option #1: Keepers Due: Sunday March 7 @ 10pm ADST/Draft Begins: Monday March 8 @ 12pm ADST
Option #2: Keepers Due: Monday March 8 @ 6pm ADST/Draft Begins: Tuesday March 9 @ 9am ADST

With fogdog resigning from the commission, there has been a change in treasurer for this season. I will send out the new details in the next few days. The previous rules apply, the $20 league fee is due before drafting.

Questions for the League:

  • Do people want future pick trading brought in for future seasons?
  • The AFL reduced the LTI eligibility period from 8 weeks to 6 weeks - do people want that brought into our league? If people want this it’ll be brought in for this season.

Any questions or queries, let myself or Crazy Bomber know.


I vote for this. As you have mentioned, we should be allowing people to view the Dogs/Dees game

I’m a no for this one.

Falling back to 6 weeks makes sense to me.

Thanks again Nate and CB!

ps. I can’t even remember where I finished on the ladder last year :smiley: (Edit: Okay, I think i have pick #6 . )

Given it’s going be a screwy season again…
Keepers go in after we’ve seen every team. If a game is postponed or cancelled, then bad luck.

I’m a no for future draft pick trading.

I’m fine reducing to 6 week LTIs. I’m assuming the number of LTIs stay at 2.

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I’m fine to do FAs again. Same deal as last year - send a PM to @FF_Original_FAs.
Once the schedule is out, I’ll let people know when FF actually is.
Hopefully they don’t persist with the ‘teams named two days before each game’ rubbish from last season.


Option 2 for the keepers/draft. It’s already a nightmare trying to make sense of a crop of kids who havent played since 2019. And for my list, at least, even the keeper submissions is likely to be tough with just one practice match to go by. It’s all a bit of a mess atm.

I’m not overly fussed on future picks, but for this year I’d vote no.

Personally, I’d keep LTI at 8 weeks.

Not yet. I should have something up either Friday or Saturday.

There were only 4 trades mid-year though, so most teams will have all their standard picks.

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I agree with wezza aswell.

Except the part about watching dees v dogs. Don’t think anyone would be footy starved enough to give a ■■■■ about that

Happy for you guys to make the call on the dates as I don’t have my finger on the pulse of when the matches are.

Up now.

Only 6 teams were involved in trades, so 12 teams have a normal schedule.

Allblack has 6 picks and Blummers 5 in the top 50; on the flip side Alber_Goodthur only has pick 2.

Crap. Thought I finished 13th and not 11th

I’m going to be like the Dons and hoping one of the top 7 drop :cry:

I’m not overly worried about that. The last couple of years I’ve had plenty of early picks.

Hopefully they start to come to good this year

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Tricky year to have the first pick. Narrowed it down to 56 candidates.

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I haven’t even looked at the draft players yet.
I don’t even know who on my list has been delisted…
I think I had 5 retire or be delisted.

Is the current squad list correct?
I don’t think I have ANB on my list.

Without wanting to influence order, he wouldn’t be my first pick (but he’d be close).

Invites have been distributed. If anybody has changed emails from last season, please PM me with your new one.

@Blummers32 - The bottom 3 might be, the rest of them no. That is my next job.


Bottom 10 teams are updated, top 8 teams tomorrow.

In other news congratulations to @You_Shall_Be_Smoten on becoming a new dad!


Thanks mate!!

Will be difficult to get her into AFL from a distance but I will be trying.

Should still have time to draft etc. Have another 10 days of paternity leave then back to work from home!


Congrats @You_Shall_Be_Smoten :slight_smile:

Still looking for position polls from:

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Is trading open and it’s ‘buyer beware’ on those position changes?
I think I had 8 players retire, delisted, leave, etc. so I’m not going to be too active.